Why Visit Corfu? 3 Flexible Reasons



The most famous Greek island for reasons. Corfu is the best. Amazingly beautiful, like something dreamy. The island itself is 235 miles away, making it one of the largest islands in Greece. It is well-known for its easy access, quantity, function, and food. Corfu is one in western Greece, near the Albanian / Greek border. It is located from Igoumenitsa, where most cruises and sea voyages come from and form a port. As you can imagine, Corfu is also known for its history, especially by the Greek military. Many works in ancient times as well

during World War II was established here.

The Queen’s House

The program ofAchillion House wasmade in 1890, by Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The tragedy was captured and killed in 1898 and the palace was abandoned until 1907. You have to see it to believe it. The stunning images of the women looking in front of the house, which look like the eyes and ears of the house are amazing. They look the same but everyone has a different space and keeps something different. One has a scroll, he loves letters. One has an oak leaf, a symbol of holiness and dignity, and the other has a wide variety of clothing and ornaments. The palace is also amazing, the beautiful walls, the paintings, the baskets and the plants just provide the shade of the best food that the queen would be suitable for.

Spianada line

We are not lying, the Corfu can be busy at times; especially in summer and winter. But, if you want a nice, peaceful place to go, somewhere to go and enjoy your place, go Spianada line. If you’re from the UK, you’ll get used to its fast-paced design, because it looks like a rush to Buckingham Palace. It is already one of the most beautiful Greek islands for boating how to take sailing boats, motorboats and almost any type of boat, all along the coast for you to receive.

A long, rounded road with amazing starting flowers. Instead, the site was attracted by the British, as well as the Romans, because its design was elevated from this part of the world by its tranquility and joy.

Byzantine Museum

It would not have been the arrival of Corfu, if it had not remembered the history. Corfu was one of the last empires of the Eastern Roman Empire.The Byzantines, as they are known, were a mixture of the Balkans, the Romans and the Greeks. The kingdom in its last days was in shambles but art, music, and literature survived. It is preserved and restored to the island’s museum, making it one of the must-see attractions.

Corfu is one of the most notable places in the world. You have to see it in person, it’s just beautiful. History is interesting, the place is beautiful and the restaurant and evening life are very splendid.

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