What to expect on your child’s first night


Here is what new babies are, and what they do, in their first 24 hours.

If you are pregnant, you are probably focusing more on your job and your fertility. And you’ve probably read a lot about survival in the first few months it’s your baby. What about the first 12 to 24 hours after birth? What happens? (Note: The following applies to babies born with no health problems, in a hospital.)

You can be moved from the delivery room to another bedroom, where you will spend the first day and night of the baby.

Then you can expect a little relaxation. But even if you have the opportunity to sleep in your hospital bed (not) while the baby is looking at your side in the bassinet, it will probably never end. It is not uncommon for a mother and child to be awakened by their nurses for several hours, says Leigh Baetz-Craft, a well-known 32-year-old nurse who works in Toronto hospitals, and now chairs the Maternal Child Nurses Interest Group at the Nurses Association of Ontario. It can seem contradictory, and a little frustrating – arousing. But it is important that important signs about you and your baby, such as high blood pressure and heart rate, be monitored regularly. Nurses will monitor your condition and recover. He can do the same make sure you have stomach ulcers, which is super fun.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, nurses will ask you if you have given your baby one last time, often to make sure the mother does not feel that feeding should be instituted carefully, or avoided overnight. Baetz-Craft said: “We encourage parents to feed their children no matter what time it is.” “For a child, there is no such thing as a nightmare, just need to eat every few hours.”

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Subscribe to our newsletter!Some children sleep through exams at home and seem to have no interest in feeding; others wake up frequently, cry a lot and just look happy when they are sucking or eating. That said, Baetz-Craft says it often sees similar trends among all newborns. “They are awake and alert for the first few hours after birth – the best time for them to bond and form skin and skin with a parent – and then fall asleep with it,” he said. Baetz-Craft reports that it has not seen any difference between the births of babies born to women who have had a tumor compared with untreated births, or between birth defects and the C.

Two Toronto mothers Gwen Matsell gave birth to their first child in a hospital and their second home. He remembers all of them sleep for many hours when he came to earth – and he was thankful for his death. “In the beginning there is peace and quiet,” he said. “I remember letting them all sleep that day and trying to breastfeed them at night.”

When your baby’s 24 hours are up, if you are in the hospital and giving a vaginal discharge, it may be time to go home. Your nurses will also check once urine and feces from the baby within the first 24 hours. This is usually necessary for all patients (yeah, you too!) Before being discharged and sent home. Next step: Prepare the file for the second terrible night.

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