What Is Your Bad Weather Plan?


When bad weather comes to your town, you should have a plan to protect children and parents.

If the weather makes things worse, you may want to consider closing your business for the day, delaying your opening hours, or asking parents to pick up the children early.

Some rules for caregivers should be available to care for children as long as the parents are home. Some caregivers do not want to encourage parents to drive a car at a bad time and place an accident.

If a parent slips on the ice in your street, you could be guilty. Putting a sentence in your order that says you are not guilty if parents or children are injured on your premises due to bad weather will not go to court. You want to have business insurance to protect you from all the injuries you experience while on your site.

If a parent has a car accident on the way to or from your home, you are not responsible.

You are free to set up your own weather forecast plans. And you should.

Your plan should deal with the following because of adverse weather conditions:

* You close the day

* You open late in the morning

* You want parents to pick up early

* Whether the parents will pay for the closure

Your schedule may reflect your school closure plans. If your public school is closed, you will be closed. Parents can monitor school closures that are often overlooked.

You may want to tell your parents that you will notify them at another time (6am?) Whether you are late or not, or you will be late. Parents check your email / phone calls before you leave home.

Your policy should emphasize that the most important thing is everyone’s safety. Do not hesitate to ask parents to take their children in the middle of the day as bad weather approaches or worsens. If your home is depleted, you should ask your parents to take care of it immediately, unless the weather is so bad that driving is dangerous.

Here is a good seasonal plan written by Leisha Harrelson of Maryland. He joined me in writing an article on this topic.


You can set your own rules for charging your parents or not if you are not comfortable. In my opinion, parents should expect to pay for the whole day even if you delay your opening time or ask parents to take it early.

If you close for a day or two I think it makes sense to still expect parents to pay. You will not want to charge your parents if you have been locked up for too long.

Parents may also suffer financial hardship as a result of bad weather, making it difficult for them to pay for child care in the long run. You may or may not want to forgive others or all payments under a parent may return to his or her feet. If you forgive some money, you will not say that this is a discount on the business.

Whether you expect this or not in your law, you always have the opportunity to break your rules in the event of an emergency.

After preparing the weather forecast, consult with your parents before an emergency and check it out each year.

If a power outage causes you to lose food stored in the refrigerator or freezer, or if a hurricane destroys your belongings and uninsured homes, you can apply the lost rules to clear the business share of this money.

For more information, see my article “When Tragedy Strikes.”

What is your worst weather plan?

Tom Copeland – www.tomcopelandblog.com

Image: https://www.npr.org/2021/02/13/967665748/winter-storms-across-the-country-bring-snow-and-ice-to-millions-of-americans

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