What Is Special About Halloween in Child Care?


It’s one day of the year when reliable customers knock on your door!

But this year, it’s different.

COVID-19 has reduced or eliminated Halloween customary door-to-door canvassing. Bad!

Most of the time, I write articles every year and tell sponsors how Halloween is a great opportunity to promote your program.

  • Post a sign outside your home stating that you are a caregiver and that you have opportunities: “Sally’s Day Care – Preschool Openings”
  • Have a children’s evening party in your program
  • Have an open door for fraudulent parents who may know other parents of minor children
  • Invite hypocrites to your home to get their candy
  • Have business showers available for interested parents
  • Put your business card in a children’s candy bag

But all of this is in doubt this year as many are planning not to send their children out or to distribute sweets at home. While this is a shame, it is something that should be seriously considered in light of the epidemic we are all in.

So, what are you planning on Halloween this year?

Tom Copeland – www.tomcopelandblog.com

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_kindergarten_in_united_states,_at_halloween_day.jpg

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