What Is Most Important About Your Food 5 Days?


We’ve all heard the advice that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables every day, but what benefits can you get five of you a day? What do the testimonies say about the benefits of fruit and veg, and the five parts we should eat? We’ve broken down five tips a day to explain what scientists and nutritionists believe in this issue.

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What are the five commandments a day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating at least 400mg of fruits and vegetables daily to reduce health problems such as stroke, other cancers and heart attack. The concept of five rules a day was made to make it easier for people to remember to add fruit and veg to their diet.

What are the benefits?

Fruits and vegetables also find a great source, including Vitamin C, folate, potassium and Vitamin A. There are some foods that are only taken through supplements, such as vitamin D tablets, but a balanced diet of various fruits and veg gives you a variety of nutrients to stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables also contain fiber, which is essential for diet and health.

Studies show that fruits and vegetables can help reduce your health, but they also help maintain good health, such as good skin, a strong immune system, and good eyesight. The addition of healthy ingredients also helps to consume your diet to help you gain weight, because fruits and veg are less saturated and fatty.

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What counts as part?

One portion of fruits or vegetables is 80g. A glass of fresh orange juice counts five of you a day, as well as beans and other legumes. There are several ways increase the amount of fruit and veg you eat every day, such as eating fruit and your breakfast, adding spinach to cooked meals or alternating white sweet potatoes.

Try adding a portion of vegetables, such as peas or broccoli florets, to your meal or eat a salad at lunch instead of a sandwich to eat beverages such as lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Many fruits and vegetables count your portions, including fresh, frozen, canned, salted and dried fruits, although they are filled with dried ones often contain sugar so this should be reduced. White potatoes and cassava are not counted, as they are very high.

Final thoughts

Most of us do not eat enough fruit every day, and although there are at least five portions, we eat more than we normally would. The fruits and vegetables we eat, we are very healthy!

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