What Flowers Should I Choose From My Wedding?


Marriage is a special occasion when loving hearts are involved. Everyone wants to make the wedding beautiful, memorable, and memorable. No wedding is complete without floral ornaments. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, so choosing is sometimes difficult. For a romantic wedding, choose pastel and bright colors.

Flower buds, peonies, hydrangeas, eustoma are ideal. Usually the bride chooses flowers for her wedding according to her preferences. Other than that, she is in the middle of an interest in this holiday. Bridal bouquets and floral ornaments should reflect your personality, your beauty and vision, it is a reflection of your family and love.

No wedding is complete without floral ornaments.  Here are the best flowers to choose from for your wedding and how to choose.

Various options

When choosing flowers for a wedding, one should not be guided by personal preferences, but by the following:

– national traditions. Among different people, the same flower can be interpreted in different ways and sometimes has a very different meaning.

– the theme of the wedding. Sometimes the idea of ​​a newlywed couple is so limited that retro weddings, rainbow or Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland style will not be forgotten either by them or the guests. It is up to you to decide which flowers will go well with different types of wedding.

– the type of bride’s dress and groom’s suit. Usually the bride has a white dress. If you want to choose white flowers it is best to add clear accents so that they do not match the color of the dress.

The language of flowers

By means of symbolic flowers, you can express your feelings better than any other word. The language of flowers seems simple at first glance but not really. Here are some common flower meanings:

  1. Amaranth is a well-known flower that does not wither. It is a symbol of immortality, faith, loyalty, steadfast love.
  2. Carnation – among many people, carnation represents love, freedom, loyalty, charm, honor. He represents love; Therefore, engagement and marriage have become a well-known flower.
  3. Orchid is a symbol of beauty and love. It represents beauty, virtue and beauty. In the language of flowers, it is a sign of passion; white represents pure love, variegated – lustful desire.
  4. Rose is the most famous flower symbol, the symbol of spring, beauty and love. However, this is a difficult symbol, for it represents the perfection of heaven and the lust of the earth, time and eternity, life and death, procreation and virginity. Rose is perfection, perfection, the secret of life, beauty, grace, joy, and also voluptuousness, passion.
  5. Chrysanthemum. Because of the tall flowers of the chrysanthemum they represent a long happy life, they speak of something long and reliable, for example, a wedding. In feng shui, chrysanthemum represents happiness.

wedding flowers

Help in selecting and ordering flowers

No matter what flower you choose, the main thing is that it should be cut fresh, not wither. The scent of fresh flowers will fill the wedding scene with fragrant scents. Preparing for a wedding before the event always goes around, stress and haste. You have to do more, accept everything, invite guests, sign up for invitations, choose festive outfits and menus, order decorations and flowers.

Unnecessary hassles can be avoided by ordering flowers in an online store and delivering them. Some companies have been doing this for a long time, for example, Ottawa Flower Company. Here they not only provide the most beautiful flowers at the right time but also advise on any subject.

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