Triskett Station Center Gets 5-Star Rating


IMG_7774Horizon Education Center is ready to announce that Triskett Station Center is a 5-Star Step Up to Quality facility.

Triskett Station is the newest capital of Horizon, and we are proud that Center Director Alicia Gresko and her team, including Cuyahoga County Executive Director Julie Piazza-King achieved this in less than two years.

Step Up to Quality is a five-star plan and redesign process run by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. It recognizes and promotes learning and development programs that meet the standards of best practice that go beyond health and safety licenses.

202_AdamWWe are proud to offer education and development programs that exceed the standards required for child consent in Ohio, while six of our 11 sites have awarded 5-Star Step Up to Quality Rating: Berea, Cascade – Elyria, East Lorain, Lakewood, Southside Lorain, and now Triskett Station.

Ms. Gresko has 20 years of childhood experience, 14 years as a school teacher and six years as a school administrator at the Family Life Child Care Center. He believes that childhood education is the foundation of every child and is happy to see children grow up academically and culturally. Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a major in Spain from Bowling Green State University.

It’s a success that has been more than 10 years in the making. It all started with the well-planned building in 2008. It was when the Horizon management team first explored the opportunity to expand the program into the city of Cleveland.

202_AdamWThanks to the persistence of Steve Lorenz of Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation, Horizon was notified to RTA to be located in the middle of the Triskett Rapid Transit Station. The growth of construction work began in 2018 and the headquarters opened in June 2019.

Triskett Station Center offers promotional programs for children 18 to 12 months of age. Our programs focus on language and reading, culture, ideas, and physical development. Horizon guides children with public standards, monitoring, and personal education, and we focus on breastfeeding precaution and the benefit of age.

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