Top 10 Foods Your Kids Should Eat And Why!


Without a doubt, children need a lot of love, attention, care and guidance from their parents. From birth to birth, they need a lot of attention, care and attention, and therefore, parents are very careful to make sure that they are given this. There is no need to be overly concerned about child development, and there are some aspects that are so important that neglecting them can be detrimental to your child; one of them is the food they eat.

Children need nutritious food to grow up healthy and strong, and to stay healthy. They need essential vitamins and minerals such as; iron, calcium, fiber and many other nutrients and development. Although, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the foods your children should eat, as you can explore this aspect; and watch out for foods that cause allergies in them to stop, however, there are some foods that you should avoid feeding your baby as this can affect their health.

Let’s look at ten foods that your children should not eat and why;

1) Honey

This may surprise some but it is true. Honey or leftover honey should not be given to infants, especially before the age of one year. Honey contains Clostridium bacteria that can cause childhood botulism. Therefore, to protect your child from being infected botulism child, it is advisable to avoid giving him honey or baked goods, especially in his first year.

Top 10 Foods

2) Fruit Juice

Fruit juices contain unhealthy sugars for your children. They also add energy to their system and can damage teeth, diarrhea and obesity. Fruit juice does not have the essential vitamins needed for your baby to grow and develop, so why not feed him or her with it?

There are several healthy ways to make fruit juices such as water, sugar-free milk, home-made fruit juices such as pineapple blends & spices, oranges & lime, strawberry & lemons, blueberries & raspberries. These are good combinations that I bet your kids will love. Also, you can try smoothies; Some good smoothie ingredients include – Spinach & blueberries, kale & pineapple, strawberry & beets, peach & cauliflower. This can be combined with unsweetened or condensed milk.

Top 10 Foods
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3) Cow’s Milk

Although cow’s milk is very important, doctors often advise children under one year of age not to drink because many find it difficult to digest. Also, if your child is over one year old and does not tolerate lactose, it is best not to give this to him or her and ask your doctor for advice.

4) Non-pasteurized / Raw foods

You should avoid giving these foods to your children because they contain bacteria that can cause infections and infections. Non-pasteurized or raw foods are one of the 10 foods that your children should not eat because they can be detrimental to their health.

5) Oil Filling

Although saturated fats can be healthy for children under 2 years old, however, such excesses can increase their risk of heart disease and should be avoided.

6) Dietary foods

Dietary foods are not good for your children. Aside from the dangers of tooth decay at an early age, these foods can cause diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, there are some foods for babies that contain sugar, so it is best to read the scriptures carefully when you go shopping for your baby’s food.

7) Smoked Meat

Smoked meat is one of the 10 foods that children should avoid because it contains animal fats, sodium and other substances that are unhealthy for your children and, therefore, should be avoided. Babies should be healthy and strong and the harmful foods that can be smoked in animals should be avoided.

8) Other cheeses

Without a doubt, cheese can be good for your baby. However, did you know that there are some cheeses that are unhealthy for them and should be avoided? Yes, here it is – soft moldy cheeses such as camembert or brie, goat’s milk cheese and soft blue cheese like roque fort should be avoided because these cheeses are high in bacteria. and listeriosis that can cause infections in your children. Also most cheeses are made from non-pasteurized milk that is unhealthy for your children.

9) Purified Seeds

Children should not eat refined wheat because it has very little fiber and can cause high sugar levels which can lead to obesity. Instead, whole grains should be taken because they are healthy, rich in fiber, protein and vitamins for your children.

10) Seafood

Unhealthy or fast foods such as hamburgers, sandwiches, corn, pizza, ice cream, tacos, mashed potatoes, chicken nuts, French fried and so on are some of the 10 foods that children should not eat because they can have side effects. on the health of your children because they can cause unwanted weight loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, insulin resistance and much more. Instead, unhealthy foods are very harmful to your children’s health and should be avoided. Instead, choose homemade foods because they are healthy.

The above 10 foods are not healthy for your children because they put them at risk and should be avoided!

Let’s start feeding our children properly. Healthy Child, Happy Family!

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