Time to Say “No” when registering a child


There is a time when it is not right to enroll a new child in a child care program.

Your mission as a business is to provide quality support to parents and children. If your program is not suitable for a child or a family, you are doing good to everyone without signing a contract with the parent.

If you enroll a child in the knowledge that there are potential problems, and if you end up neglecting the care after a bad attitude, you, the parent, and the child will not be satisfied.

You want to avoid short-term relationships with families. Also, to avoid word of mouth, do not be afraid to say no before you start.

What are some signs that may indicate a lack of commitment from providers? There is no absolute, but there are several signs:

  • Parents refuse to give you the name of the former caregiver as an identification.
  • The child seems to have lost control. (Note: Under the ADA, if you believe the child has a disability you cannot divorce the family without learning how to get along with the child.)
  • The parent does not seem to want the attention of the child or the type of care that you would provide.
  • The parent does not respect you or does not change according to your schedule.
  • The parents seem to be unhappy with the prices or payment plans.
  • The parent wants you to provide your child with a comfortable place to sleep.

Not every caregiver can do the same for every parent. Still, it is worth your every effort to strive for that balance.

Most providers offer a two-week practice period to resolve any conflicts or disagreements. During this exercise period, the parent or guardian can immediately suspend the job.

What signs do you look for in parental discussions that would prevent you from enrolling a child?

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