The Family Business Video


These few videos briefly explain what it means to run a child care business. See all movies in one window here.

These include:

Three Top Tips for Keeping Children in the Family

What Points Are Needed To Integrate Unity?

Is Your Home, Business, and Vehicle the Right?

What Is the Best Plan for Child Care?

How Do Providers Pay For themselves?

How to Get and Choose a Tax Planner

When is the best time to start claiming personal benefits?

How Much Money Should You Save?

Each video is short (10-15 minutes). They are all closed heads. They are designed to be used by providers, educators and organizations that provide child care providers. Feel free to post them on your page, Facebook and other newsletters.

These videos were made by National Center on Quality Assurance Quality Assurance where you can see the links to all the videos in one window. When you go to this page and click on the left corner of each video you will see “YouTube.” If you click on “YouTube” you can share it with others. The links to the above seven videos also show you how to share this video with others.

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The videos were sponsored by the Child Care Communications Management Center, sponsored by the Office of Child Care (OCC), Administration for Children and Families (ACF), US department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and produced in collaboration with the National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance, supported by OCC, Office of Head Start, ACF, HHS. These videos may be tracked for unauthorized use.

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