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I love talking to professionals and female bosses about their work or their roles. Today I am sharing an interview with Muriel’s What’sForDinner food preparation tool.

What'sForDinner Meal Planning Side Hustle Questions

Tell us about yourself with WhatsForDinner’s online food preparation tool.

I (Muriel) am an engineer, a woman and a grateful mother of 7yo b / g twins. Erin (founder of my friend) is a very talented creator and one of the best people I know. We built What’sForDinner because we were tired of knowing (drumroll please) “what dinner today?”. Our online food preparation tool gives you the opportunity to make your family food in less than 60 seconds! Buying groceries once a week avoids trips to the grocery store, which saves you time and money.

What inspired you to start a business making a food preparation tool?

Equality between men and women has been the most important issue in my life. I don’t care about the differences between men and women at work, and at home. Finding a good partner means that my husband and I split the “actions” 50/50 and that’s great. But there is another type of work, an invisible type of work that cannot be shared. I call it “recognizing it” work and I am the person in our house who does that. From talking to my friends I have learned that it is the same in many other families: thinking that a child should go to the dentist, thinking that we should buy a birthday party gift, thinking about dance lessons. our daughter, etcetera, etcetera often occur with women. This mental function is not known and is not appreciated. I wanted to find a way to reduce the problem for women. This is why we created What’sForDinner – because knowing dinner today, every day, 7 days a week is a very difficult task. I wanted this to be as simple as possible.

Give us examples of the shape and appearance of the tool.

Creating a meal plan in What’sForDinner is very simple – you just look at some recipes (right to add to your diet, left to skip), and voilà, as your weekly menu has been prepared.

What'sForDinner's food preparation tool for hand washing

You can now choose to have your grocery list sent to your inbox, or we can send the products to your home, from your local grocery store.

We do our best to make sure that the recipes are the things that your children can eat and that they are healthy. Initially all the recipes in our store were selected by a nutritionist and our smart way is to make sure you see your favorite recipes. Because no one wants to try something new 7 days a week, we have also made it easy for you to add your favorite family recipes to your favorite book.

How do you sell your local grocery store? Are you cooperating with others such as Shipt, or do you order directly from the grocery store based on the user’s home address?

We invite purchases directly from local retailers and bring them to your home through them.

When I had the tool to send me a shopping list it came with a list of ingredients and links in a blog blog post, instead of having a Key stored in the tool. So is this tool like a little Pinterest for recipes selected this week?

We do not make any recipes and there is a good reason for this: there are already millions of recipes online so there is no need to make any more. The most important thing we do is filter out recipes that are (1) healthy (2) simple and (3) compatible with your preferences. Initially all recipes were added to our library by a nutritionist to make sure they achieved this. We now have smart filters to make sure recipes uploaded by users are displayed to others who may like them. Pinterest recipes, yes, is a great way to express yourself!

Is there a download program or is it all on the URL page?

There is no app – just a website (it saves you space on your mobile phone;). You will receive a weekly reminder that logs you in and takes you to the main menu, without having to type (and re-enter) the username and password!

How does your tool help busy women?

If you have already prepared your meal, What’sForDinner will save you time – food preparation (which can take up to an hour) can now be done in less than 60 seconds. If, on the other hand, you do your daily shopping, you will not save time and money: When your kids ask you “what’s dinner today?”, You’ll have the answer (and the ingredients) ready. Our goal is to make sure the dinner is delicious, healthy and what children may want to eat!

What are your favorite things about running your business?

I really like the process of making and fixing things that I know will help others. The best part of my job is when one of the users tells me that we have made their lives easier, even if it is small. It makes me my day, all the time!

What challenges did you face in starting your own business?

I think the hardest thing for me was that there were a few people who didn’t believe our idea. It took me a long time before I realized that these are people who have someone in their lives to “realize what” works for them.

Any advice you want to give women?

Yeah, I don’t feel like I’m a mother to give advice to others 😉 I do what I can, sometimes I fail. If anything, I think this: if someone does not trust your opinion, it is usually not about you and may be the reason for the lack of knowledge from the other person. Don’t lose faith – socialize with people who make you happy!

You can learn more about What’sForDinner food preparation tool on the website or search Instagram.

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