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I love talking to professionals and female bosses about their work or their roles. Today I am sharing an interview with Samantha’s social and design planners Different Hearts Creatures.

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Tell us about yourself and Hearts Apart Creations.

I am a stepmother and a full-time friend of the war veteran. I am a strong believer in medicine and seek to understand myself to change your life. There are many ways to achieve change such as following a routine, self-help books, self-awareness exercises, writing, medicine, and much more. I wanted to make a part of this idea that is aimed at people who are busy but willing to change. .

What motivated you to start a business to provide quality health care?

Support has been a part of my life for a long time in many areas, I have helped, I have studied psychology in high school and college, I have read a lot of books, I have people around me in my life who are school counselors, therapists, and psychology / sociology. One day while I was driving my car, I realized that some of the things I had learned along the way should be written down. After much thought and discussion, I decided I could do this!

What makes using these designs and printing materials the best tools for children?

For one thing, in the digital age, children still love decorating and writing! Using paper form gives the child the opportunity to practice their motor skills in writing and drawing. It also offers the ability to do this anywhere such as at home, in a car, at the gym waiting for their older sister, at grandma’s house or at school. You can also send this home as a daily reminder of what the child is doing, try sending it in their room or in the fridge. Some prefer to keep the pages and make a journal for storing or showing maturity or improvement. Children learn their own lines of self-awareness and self-awareness from their parents and nature; This simple secret enables a parent to talk to his child regularly about things that may not be the subject of regular conversation. We have too Mood Buddies (hand-painted wooden dolls with matching faces) to match the pens to aid in play.

Give us examples of your preparation papers.

How does your biz benefit busy mothers and children?

These activities are designed to last 10 minutes depending on your child’s age and maturity. At first, it may take some time until everyone is in the starting lineup. My suggestion is that you sit down with your child each week, most prefer Sunday evening. Complete the right side of the paper in preparation and then complete the exercise as the week progresses. The Habit Tracker can be anything you would like to do with household chores (drying your bed, feeding a dog, etc.), mental behavior (proper exercise habits, patience, etc.), or physical activity (exercise) body, browser hours., sleep or quiet time, etc.). At the end of the week, complete the left-hand side of the page and discuss the entire page for the week. Then start the next week. Open and consistent communication can benefit any parent / child relationship or family situation. These papers are also good for helping the child to do meaningful things with his or her loved one during the Facetime period such as an absentee parent, grandparent, or ex-boyfriend.

What are your favorite things about running your business?

I like to hear comments from people about how everyone loves business. My goal is to continue to create useful and useful products for the benefit of individuals and families. I work full-time and this is what I do to fulfill my passion.

What challenges did you face in starting your own business?

The biggest challenge I have faced so far is finding a good and reliable printer. The ideas and graphic work done by Syd the Squid & Co has come a long way but the physical creation of the product took a toll and time.

Any advice you want to give women?

If you always try to do what you can, you are doing what you need to do as a parent. It can be easy to get lost in life and feel sorry for yourself or compare yourself to someone else but remember that you are human and as long as you are doing the best you can at the moment, that is all that is expected. We have a quote from Abraham Lincoln hanging in our house “Whatever you are, be good” and I love how simple and practical life is, which is why I included it in my products as a simple reminder to just try your best. to be a good person.

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