Prenatal Vitamins & Supplements: A Final List From OB-GYN

You are advised: Repeat: start taking the highest quality vitamins, before birth as soon as you start thinking about getting pregnant. Why? In short, when you are pregnant, your growing baby will pull on your food storage to make everything from the fingers to the heart to the back. Therefore, needless to say, you want to be ready for a successful pregnancy test. The easiest part? Your body needs more than these vitamins for birth, pregnancy, and motherhood.

When it comes to fertility vitamins and supplements, there is a time, a connection, from the time you become a mother, to the time you need to take supplements (in addition to your birth vitamin) to keep your baby healthy and growing during this critical period. But what are the supplements and when do you get them?

This can be dangerous, and understandable. I’ve been there – sorting out more, doing my own research, focusing on what I’m writing in my body during the medium term, and praying that I consider all of our child’s development. That’s why this article is writing for you: we’ll review what we can take and when, plus, because adding anything is very important at the moment.

To help us understand the birth of a mother before birth, I asked Dr. Banafsheh Bayati, MD, OB / GYN, FACOG and Medical Co-Founder of Perelel, the original vitamin OB / GYN targeting each specific part of the motherhood journey. Dr. Bayati knows their nutrients and is on a mission to help women become more proactive. “Because nutrient time is important,” he says

“The timing of nutrients is important.” –Dr. Banafsheh Bayati, MD, OB / GYN, FACOG, Medical Co-Founder, Perelel

In order to deal with sorting, selecting, and asking questions, “Perelel made pure vitamins suitable for every aspect of motherhood: foreknowledge, first, secondly and third trimester, postpartum is becoming a mother. ”Each section has a set of supplemental supplements, on top of the newborn vitamins, and comes with a daily dose of oral contraceptives to make this easier. Dr. Bayati shares the ingredients for these problems, giving you a list of pre- and postpartum vitamins.

Changing the way you eat a lot of food can be difficult and expensive. Not anymore.

Here are six additional nutrients that you can add to your prenatal and postnatal care, and why everything is essential for full growth, according to an expert, Dr. Bayati.

What to Take (and When) in addition to your Reproductive Vitamin

First thing first: if you are thinking of getting married or you are pregnant, start taking vitamins before you are born right away. In addition, you have the opportunity to make a very strong plan, throughout your journey as a mother, knowing that you are doing all you can for your body and the growth of your baby.

What should you look for before you are born? According to Drs. Bayati, “The vitamins that are available, the ones that are not available are good.” This means choosing the vitamins that are easiest for your body to absorb to get the most benefit. In Perelel, they have this idea: to use “high-quality ingredients in their rare formulations and in comparison with research,” plus, in addition to the ingredients below the top of the available vitamins “before.”

So, whether you allow Perelel to lift weights in your supplement, or make your own mini-pharmacy, let’s start at the very beginning.

  1. CoQ10: Preparation

In addition to CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, in your pre-planned trip there are other major benefits to establishing a strong, healthy foundation. According to Drs. Bayati, “Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that protects our cells from damage and naturally deplets in our body as we age.” He added, “research has shown that CoQ10 can support egg absorption and egg stimulation.”

So if you are trying to get pregnant, adding this supplement in your original way is a great way to boost your confidence in building your family.

  1. Omega DHA and EPA: Contemplation Through Maternity

Eeh – this is one that you should take in addition to your vitamins before birth during your period whole trip. Dr. “Omegas, when taken in moderation, is good for us because it supports your baby’s brain throughout pregnancy, your inflammatory response, and your nervous system,” Bayati explains. The fact that they care about you and your baby is why using full-time visits is encouraging. Your body goes through a lot before, during, and afterwards – make sure you give it a solid, healthy foundation on which to build.

But beware: the supplements on this page contain Omega DHA, not Omega DHA and EPA. Why is it important to have both types? Shares of Drs. “It’s important to make sure you’re taking omega and both DHA and EPA to be more accessible. EPA helps DHA pass through the uterus during pregnancy and has many benefits to support your postnatal recovery.”

  1. Methylfolate: Contemplation through Motherhood

Did you know that about 40-60% of women can’t get the kind of folate, called folic acid? And writing is a very big thing. Dr. Bayati tells us that “Folate is a vitamin B9 supplement that is essential for cell formation. Your nutritional needs are greatly increased during pregnancy because they help your baby feel nervous, heartbroken, and grow facially, especially during the first or first trimester. ”

Whether you can fall for 40-60% women who can’t absorb folic acid, you probably don’t know. What you he can make sure you harvest all the best and get a supplement made with the non-existent B9 type, called Methylfolate. Instead, although it is found in the Core Prenatal at all times, Perelel uses the highest levels of this natural substance (L-5 Methylfolate, to be precise) in them Pregnancy and 1 Trimester Prenatal Pack, when it comes time to make the most of these nutrients. Dr. “If you take form, methylfolate, you’re only taking what is not available, then you are getting closer to how your body can process and use it, which is great for those who can’t convert folic acid properly,” he added.

Among other things, these nutrients also reduce the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and low fertility. With all these benefits, it is an accessory that can give you peace of mind and a secure future with your growing family.

  1. Calcium & Magnesium: Second Trimesters & 3

Calcium and Magnesium shine brightly in mid-to-late pregnancy. According to Drs. Bayati, “Your calcium is very important secondly and third trimesters is pregnant to help your baby grow bones. ”The calcium given to your baby helps their little bones to harden, strengthen, and lengthen. (One amazing thing about Perelel is that it also incorporates vitamin D into its Core Prenatal formulation to provide the best calcium in need.)

Dr. “In addition to calcium, it is also important to increase your magnesium intake during this time, which can help relieve some of the symptoms of pregnancy such as muscle cramps or difficulty sleeping,” she added.

As the baby grows stronger, the mother feels more comfortable – calcium and magnesium can be the exchange of sports that your stomach needs.

  1. Probiotic Complete-Spectrum: 3 Trimester

Good health, gut health, gut health. This is the beginning of everything, from the toilet to the functioning of the body. Studies show that by taking antibiotics during the third trimester of pregnancy, you can not only help your own methods but also for older women who are taking antibiotics during this time. they can’t have a baby with eczema. Dr. Bayati said: “Your tiny germs in the womb create your baby’s tiny germs, so drinking three times a day can help your baby grow faster to develop in the womb.

Highly Recognizable Consideration for Motherhood Extensions, Simple Design

So, after reading all of this, you may be worried – you may think that taking vitamins before birth is enough, maybe you are worrying about not choosing the right type of supplement, or maybe you are worried and supervising add sorting and fixing everything. single. day. from what they already know through motherhood. Interesting is the company of Dr. Bayati, Perelel, is said to be working hard, leaving you time to fend for yourself in this changing time. Everything described here is packaged in Perelel’s vitamin packages. In every area of ​​motherhood – buying in the middle, 1 trimester, 2 trimester, 3 trimester, and mother – they have created an additional package (all you have read here!) that works together to bring you and your baby a chance to have a happy, healthy pregnancy and the aftermath of childbirth.

In addition to making the best pills for your stage, Perelel frees you from having too many bottles to keep (and pay for!) During this time. Save time, save time, save money, have a fun, healthy trip.

We have agreed with them Perelel because we want you to have a very healthy trip – for a short time, you can use the number: EXPECTFUL20 of 20% discount for your first month. Take comfort in knowing that you are making the right decision to have the best possible emotional and physical results for your baby.

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