Pregnancy Calendar – Week 34


Therefore. 34 weeks. Five weeks left. About a month. I’ve always found that up to 35 and 36 weeks is a big deal mentally, as (according to the mathematical calculations) I find myself looking at only one calendar. And I no longer have to add MONTH when I tell people my due date.

“The 15th,” I might say. With September 15 behind us, it is clear that yes, I am at home.

But beyond my little extravagance, the real change this week is in your care. You will start seeing OB or your midwife every week instead of every two weeks from now. (At least until you reach your due date, and then you will be seen for a few days or more to get a better look.)

On one of these visits, between now and 37 weeks, you’ll find a nice little cotton ball with a cotton ball down there (instead of TWO down there, actually) to look like a group B streptococci. Group B strep is a harmless bacterium in adults, and 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women carry it unknowingly. BUT if you give it to your baby at birth, that’s bad. The amount of stress of any kind. BUT, good behavior simply means that you will receive IV treatment during childbirth to reduce the chances of giving birth to your baby.

What else should your doctor look for in weekly visits? Well, the average blood pressure is a pee-in-a-cap business, original. A sudden increase in blood pressure and / or protein in the urine is often a common symptom of pre-eclampsia, which causes your blood vessels to shut down and reject blood to your vital organs. It can enter PERFECTLY during late pregnancy, and the only cure is to give birth to your baby. I know of a few women who have shown, completely innocent and feeling completely good, that a routine prenatal trip only to get one way to the hospital daily with magnesium sulfate and pitocin is an emergency infusion. So… you know. Before jumping out of the way to meet, consider preparing a hospital bag, and make sure that your personal trainer is available at all times.

(Recently I chewed on my husband on voice mail because he went to do other things and left his phone in the car, because WHY WOULD I BE SUFFERING HERE?

(I was not in labor time, but I had to remind her to take a good jar for me to make sangria at the dinner party and UNDER NOTHING, she forgot to buy a jar.)

Your doctor will perform a pregnancy test to determine your baby’s size and position. This is not a real science, but OBs and midwives can better imagine where your baby is lying and if your baby has “fallen” in your waist. They may begin to praise you at your waist or warn you of your narrow pelvis. You can take both of these with a salt shaker.

(And this also applies to late pregnancy tests, which can be reduced by the weight of your baby up to two pounds on each side. I was told that my first child, Noah, would be about 8 pounds. ultrasound to induction for fear of an older, neglected baby, giving birth to a 7-pounder baby.)

She may also be able to start an internal exam soon, which is the FAVORITE SUPPORTER and the YOWIE brand, to monitor any cervical function. Again, this may seem bigger than it actually is. Some women start stretching a few weeks before giving birth, showing weekly as much as 1 or 2 centimeters stretch, and some women may show zero in the early hours of the morning but become stretched out and push the baby out during dinner.

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