Pregnancy Calendar – Week 31


So! We had our first emergency trip to Labor & Delivery this week! Oops! So glad I was able to look at one of my activities.

I am now legally 0-for-2 when it comes to Unnecessary Freaking Out Over No Hospital Trips, since I went to Labor & Childbirth at 23-ish weeks during my first pregnancy because I was sure I was leaking amniotic fluid. Which I was not. Were there mucus? Urine? I do not know. I don’t feel like I need to know. You know?

By this time, there was blood and tenderness in my lower back. And in my head, I knew it was a urinary tract infection. (Pale pink, watery, available only when I urinate.) I knew I could wait until my doctor’s office opened the next morning and everything would be fine. I had a doppler, I felt a heartbeat, I knew that this baby sometimes has a quiet day without really moving or pushing.

I also knew that if I did not go to the hospital to check everything, I would stay up all night, anxious and fearful and guilty and I would finally be able to enter Total Freaking State at about 4 o’clock in the morning. I was insisting that we go to the hospital at that moment, so … in a big order of things it seemed like going to the hospital at 9 pm instead was a VERY CHOICE.

And you know what? It is always a wise choice. Do not feel stupid or stupid to call a doctor after hours. Do not feel that you are invading anyone when you have reason to be concerned that everything is not right. I don’t care if it’s just a myth or a ‘bad feeling.’ That baby is in YOUR BODY and you know it well, even when you are just starting to panic and you have shortness of breath due to fainting. Lightning. Go. Watch out.

Do not feel stupid or stupid to call a doctor after hours. Do not feel like you are disturbing everyone…

I hope doctors and nurses at L&D have seen it all – any harmless sign of neurotic paranoia… Consider their preferences.

Instead, one of the signs on the list “Call Your Doctor Immediately, Do Not Go Forward, Do Not Pick Up $ 200” that the hospital released me was, no lie, Complaint of “feeling unwell.” Well, that’s definitely… specifically.

And yet… apparently njira is the only way the hospital can put it in the category of an amazing but very important diagnostic tool known as “women’s knowledge.” Yes, you already have it, mom. Don’t ignore it.

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