Pregnancy Calendar – Week 24


I don’t have a steady head this week, except for 24 WEEKS? WHAT? WHAAAAAT?

I had my first contract with Braxton-Hicks over the weekend – much earlier than last, I think, or maybe I just thought it was air. (Pregnancy is very common, people, I will not stop.)

Braxton-Hicks blockage is… well, and a tension in your uterus. Sudden seizures, such as menstrual cramps, but… not as menstrual cramps. Sometimes they hurt by stabbing, breathing, and sometimes they don’t hurt at all. Everything just stays there for a few seconds or minutes (if you put your hand on your stomach sometimes you can feel the stone dryness of your uterus), and then it all comes loose, if nothing happened. It is not dangerous or a sign of premature birth (unless you have more than four hours, or you notice bleeding or fluid loss) – it is a hot part of your body to make it real and possibly completely irritating.

I was driving home when the first one hit – a sharp shake took away my entire hip area and remained steady forever, but it was probably less than a minute. My mouth suddenly opened and shook or I cried that I had never come out, then it was over. I got home and quickly grabbed a large glass of water and a pile of pillows thrown under my feet. Dehydration can play a large role in this type of jump, and I remember having to double the amount of water I drank during the third trimester to avoid disturbance.

The next day came the next day, we were passing through the markets. This hurt. More. The pain was excruciating, and suddenly I had to bend over and walk slowly. It refused until I sat down. At one point Jason turned around and realized he had left his expectant wife all the way back near Foot Locker, and naturally headed for the vending machine near the water bottle. They also remember this section! Abdomen: it’s just like riding a very heavy and broken bike.

With my first pregnancy, I always try to find friends and relatives to “explain” the work to me. How do I know? How do you feel? Harmful? Back pain? Appendicitis? Uh… gas?

I was always disappointed when a woman described her childhood as “amusing.” WHAT do you mean by “you feel funny?” This is not very helpful, and I will blame you if I accidentally give my baby to the grocery store because I feel more “difficult” than “funny.”

And now, when I was asked to tell my work story (or even DIDN’T, because look, do I like to tell this story), I admit I was starting to say that something just felt like a “different” date. I was 40 weeks a day, and I had been experiencing TON Braxton-Hicks all week, with a huge increase the day or two. (The only time I DIDN’T have any closure was at the time of the TWO doctors I went to, when that kind of thing was monitored and readable.

I lost a mucous plug (which is … everywhere, but my first real sign that something was happening was just… and I felt funny. I realized I was breathing deeply – not intentionally, but I was. I was walking with my back and closing my eyes at the time intermediate.The tiny little tiny little things that we see women in the game of childbirth do during childbirth that you never even realize that IT IS voluntary.

But I didn’t feel any pain, really, nothing more than what I experienced during the long-running Braxton-Hicks. I also did not see the clear shape in the jump, because the time seemed to be good everywhere. It wasn’t long before the evening when the collision started getting closer and closer and closer to which I had the confidence to call a doctor and go to the hospital slowly. bag remodeling and, of course, remodeling my stupid BLOG).

By the time I got to the hospital it was about 1 o’clock in the morning and I was a little over three inches – exactly what I should have been receiving instead of going home. I stretched (10 inches) and pushed eight hours later.

And yet, looking back, I realize that I was taking a slow lead in a long day’s work. Maybe the “official” started around 12 noon, a good 12 hours before I got to work, uninterrupted-and-nothing.

So if you are reading this I’m worried about knowing the difference between fake and real jobs, whether it is a real collision or a Braxton-Hicks, or just hoping you are not a Pregnant Woman Running to Work & Childbirth all the time. due to diarrhea, let me use my useless words as well as the natural gift of descriptive language to tell you how to know if you are suffering:

You will feel like… funny. You will have time to prove to yourself that you are not at work, whisper that calling your doctor or riding in a car is a sure way to get him to stop dying in his ways, and then wait another hour. call the doctor because he said the only call after HOUR is a permanent coma and it is only 45 minutes and one was unstable so should we start counting again from zero? Then you will probably change your mind and decide that you are in pain and there will be a heated argument over bags and cell phone chargers and camera batteries and your partner will repeatedly ask you in the car if this is really “it” or if “it” has stopped and then you will get to the hospital and hopefully, you will probably be in real pain and stay until you have your baby, whom you will hold and stare at and fail to believe that a few hours earlier was just a funny feeling in your stomach somewhere.

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