This is a topic that most women do not talk about or get because no one tells you what to expect after a baby is born, or shame to participate in our reproductive health.

Our mothers are so happy with our birth on earth and we buy everything in the children’s store, even the things we will never need. Even in the children’s playgrounds we find a lot of children’s clothes and some funny children’s clothes that may not be available as well as good packets of diapers.

But have you ever thought about yourself, have you ever asked a mother how it feels. Most of us just ask about the pain of work because we feel that they are the only ones who suffer. You need to prepare yourself for the women you will be. When your friends ask for your baby shower gifts feel free to mention these needs to one or two friends who are attending or still going to the store or online to find what you need.

1 Perineal bottle:

This is a must have, you should feel comfortable on the floor when using the toilet. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo

Sheets 2

Get enough

3 Ice pack:

This is one of the best things that can happen to your mother as soon as the baby is born

4 Assassin’s Cruelty:

You will have pain believe me, plus your boobs. You have to kill the pain. Let your doctor tell you the best.

5 Tucks pad

This is a reassuring package that you put on your pad when needed to reduce pain there.

6 Lost Undies:

Trust me you don’t want to clean up all the mess and be able to comfort your newborn baby.

7 Pads on the chest:

Excess milk production will occur. You don’t want to lick in public.

8 Breastfeeding at night:

I recommend this for breastfeeding late at night. When those eyes are heavy, you do not want to pull and fight against thieves

9 Water bottle:

You need to be hydrated at all times.

10 Covers:

Be aware that there are medical coatings and that there is a trainer in the waist. Covering is not only enough as a waist trainer but also reduces stomach cramps. Trust me it works.

Hold your hands as much as you can to relax after childbirth. You have a newborn baby and remember when everything is going well with your body and baby, sit down, breathe and go out, tell yourself that ‘this will happen too’. You will feel better soon and your baby will grow up amazingly.

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