Nanny vs Babysitter – Good and bad


There are many ways to help children today. How to choose the right approach is your choice for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at nanny vs parenting. Which is better? It all depends on the time and resources you need for child care and the other responsibilities you want the caregiver to manage.

What is Nanny?

A nanny is a person who you hire to take care of your child, who becomes a member of your family. Many women work full-time (and sign contracts) for the family, with full-time and part-time work. They have the responsibility to take good care of your child and to follow up on the responsibilities you discuss. In addition, the longer a nanny works in a family, the greater the impact on the child’s development and involvement.

What are some of the duties of a nanny?

  • Caring for the baby
  • Do small chores around the house
  • Take the child to / from school or other activities
  • Prepare and prepare food
  • Plan actions
  • Keep them safe
  • Other responsibilities such as those discussed by a parent


The average price per hour worldwide is $ 19.31 / hour. The payment plan for the nanny is to be paid weekly or biweekly and to receive paid time.

The benefits of having a nanny

There are so many good things for a nanny. Nanny can save you time, because there is usually no drop in / off time to count your day. There is flexibility, the nanny can come early or be late depending on your needs (there can be compensation for any hours on your contract with the nanny). Your child receives the same care. Other additions are often a deeper bond and the nanny becomes part of your family.

Bad to have a nanny

One of the disadvantages of nanny is that it can be difficult to communicate with other children. Another factor to consider is the amount of one-hour nanny. Nanny often pays more than a babysitter.

What is a Child Caregiver (also called a sitter)?

A babysitter is a caregiver who looks after your child when you are away. Often the babysitter can be young and watches your child for a short time. Inen general, tsatter has no schedule, instead of a babysitter correction when a parent needs some help to look after their children.

What are some of the responsibilities of raising a child?

  • Take care of children
  • Make food
  • Play with them
  • Put the children to bed
  • Clean up children’s toys and / or get them to play
  • Keep them safe


In 2021 the average hourly rate worldwide is $ 18.36 / hour. The babysitter is paid for one hour.

The benefits of having a babysitter

The benefits of child-rearing employment are small and limited. If you are looking for a few hours per week or just one hour, a babysitter is the perfect fit.

Bad to have a babysitter

One disadvantage of a sitter as a babysitter is how well they know your child. In other words, the more hours a child caregiver works with your child, the more likely they are to learn more about your child.

Brief Nanny vs Babysitter

Nanny vs Babysitter Nanny Parent
The Hour Price $ 19.31 $ 18.36
Payment Schedule Paid weekly or biweekly
Receives paid sick days and time paid
Every hour, she is paid to leave her house after every child-rearing activity
Task Scheduler Regular / fixed hours, usually during the day It can work several hours at a time, usually at night
Goodness They build a close relationship with your child, they have stable hours and pay Cheap, it can be used once, without the need for a contract
Count Individually, many families form a close bond with their nanny Transaction, unless you have set up days on the week that the satter monitors your children.

Choice: Choosing a caregiver – Nanny vs Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter is a very important task and there is no right or wrong answer. Whatever you choose, do your best – have prepared interview questions, check backs, link references and read reviews if available. Don’t forget to make sure your expectations are clear. Finally, trust that you can make the decision that will make your family happy at that time.

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