Myself: Surviving parenting tips after childbirth


Everyone talks about pregnancy and newborns and births, but little time is spent discussing or preparing for the postpartum – when real work begins.

Psychologist, educator, and Ms. Gabrielle Mauren, PhD, and psychiatrist, educator, and Ms. Michelle Wiersgalla, MD, noted the importance of many post-natal events that are played out repeatedly between parents in the “Centering Pregnancy” sessions in their health care. . system. So he decided to write a book. Just released Myself: Surviving parenting tips after childbirth (Praeclarus Press) is a referral to postpartum for new parents. This integrated book provides scientifically based and proven information to help parents at a difficult and difficult stage in this life.

This book is for you if:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have a new baby – everywhere in the first year after birth
  • You have said or thought, “I do not feel like myself”
  • You have a new baby and you feel frustrated
  • You are very worried
  • Your loved one seems to be “gone”
  • You want to be prepared to stay healthy during the postpartum period

The book shares the beginnings of parental beginnings and its topics are after birth, “child trauma,” postpartum depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder in loved ones, coping with risks, and treatment options. The manual also contains useful features such as the postpartum system, information for support groups, and accredited programs.

The best-known tool in the book, described in detail in Chapter 1, is called the PARENTS ‘PATH:

Ptry to be patient
Ayour own actions
Rand sleep
Eexercise or walking
Tme and others
Sadd network

PARENTS ‘WAY is a unique tool developed by the authors that provides straightforward, helpful self-care and mind-blowing solutions, so that you can come back to feel like yourself.

And do not worry if you have to go through the whole book to find out more – this book is designed for parents who have a few minutes at a time. Contents help you find what you are looking for right away.

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