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Children must go to school – by law. But they also find time to relax during the week to relax, have fun and do other things besides education.

For parents, though, this may serve as a bomb shelter. Yes – it is important for children to have a good life. But what are the things that children want to do? And what are the benefits? Let’s see.

Learning Songs

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Learning to play with a musical instrument is the most difficult thing a child can do. It is not only a necessary skill for life, but also a work ethic that destroys other aspects of their lives. Music is rooted in things like rhythms and connections in their bodies – a skill that never leaves them.

Drawing And Drawing

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Drawing and drawing is also fun for kids who love art. It is the first step in the art process and what all children should try once in their lives.

Some art clubs are just available for free. Children do whatever comes to mind. But some have potential mentors teach children basic skills to continue using it for the rest of their lives.


Children naturally like to dance. But, as a parent, you can expand their skills by taking them dancing class.

Dancing is good for a variety of reasons. It helps strong children to burn steam, increases energy, and facilitates communication. In addition, the positive effects of dancing have a long-lasting effect on the body. Those who do this over a long period of time are healthier and stronger than those who do not.

Rock climbing

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Rock climbing is one of the most rewarding, yet unique, activities out there. Many high-end clubs meet in the interior and practice their skills, using climbing walls. However, some also go to higher places where people can practice their skills.


Children may also want to learn a language that they do not practice in class. Many schools teach French and German – as traditional. But many parents now also want their children to understand the so-called “world”, such as Mandarin and Spanish.

Learning a language it can be very fun. In addition, it contributes to the growth of knowledge. Children who learn two or more languages ​​gain greater mental capacity and lead a more productive life.


Imagine coming home to eat what your children have prepared for you? Sounds like an impossibility, doesn’t it? Of course, it’s easier than you think when you teach your kids how to cook.

Bread classes start with the basics – just like you can make a simple meal. But they can also cover other complex topics, including diet and preparation for meals. Children learn the basic skills that allow them to walk in the kitchen in the future.

Fighting Games

Finally, if your child is struggling with confidence, you may want to enroll in martial arts. It helps with discipline and comes with the best benefits that children can protect themselves in the event of a crisis.Unsplash – CC0 Licensedancingdancingdancing

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