Looking for a Better Parenting Class? Ask These Three Questions


We often talk around here about “good” fertility classes, but what does that mean? How do you know if the delivery class you want to write is the best and will give you what you need to prepare for a confident delivery?

Great questions; I’m glad you asked.

* I can tell you that it is as simple as making sure the delivery class is Lamaze class is taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, but that may be a bit biased. Even us and an exciting team of parenting teachers! In most cases, you can make sure that you are doing the best delivery class by looking at the class with three questions: What? Who? Why?

1. WHAT is this class about? If you are looking for a full-time delivery class (instead, for example, “refresher” or shortened “working comfort classes”), you will want to find a class that has the basics, such as: all about how fertility and fertility work, coping strategies and intoxication, premature birth, and early breastfeeding. Through this, a good delivery class will also include: the ability to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth, and beyond; coping strategies (yes, even * you * know * that you want to get sick); information and tools to help your loved one / assistant prepare to help you on the job; evidence-based arguments. If you do not find the class information on this website, contact the instructor for more information.

2. WHO teaches in the classroom? Learn about a delivery class counselor. Is it legal? What organization? How does he know? Are they also a born doula (unnecessary, but gives a unique look!)? What is their teaching? The words on their page such as fellowship, action, and action reflect a class that can help you develop your learning and memory. If their teaching has not been explained in class presentation, consult a counselor directly!

3. HOW does the class fit into your goals? Finally but certainly not the least, is the class meeting your study objectives? Come up with a list of what you expect the delivery class to do for you – for example, what you want to learn and how you want to feel afterwards. If the class you are considering is not expressing itself in ways that fit your needs, you may want to keep looking. Don’t forget to read the comments – see if previous participants have commented on your favorite items in the delivery class. And as with the previous two questions, if you can’t find what you are looking for online, ask a class teacher.

Bonus instructions:

Online information about childbirth classes is often the first place many parents view childbearing classes. Good fertility classes will use search terms such as: evidence, research-assisted, wise choice, action, action, entertainment, all parenting options, comfort strategies, coping strategies, career support, doula, loved ones support, encouragement , awareness, confidence, community.

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