Let’s Have This Baby Together: Understanding the Importance of Career Care


Preparing to bring a baby into the world can be an exciting (and dangerous) time in your life, especially if you are the one who can push the baby out! Whether you are preparing for your baby, or your baby is getting ready for you, the birth and delivery look like the light at the end of a long road. And let’s be real — who’s not ready to stop urinating every three minutes? You have been busy getting a car seat and a nursery to prepare, but making arrangements for delivery and comfort during childbirth is very important during child preparation.

Work support is any emotional, spiritual or physical support given to you during childbirth and at birth. Career support it can come from many things, including from a doctor or selected midwife, a hired doula, your loved ones, even your family and friends. Think about it this way – who would you call from your circle who would want to help bring your child into the world?

First, let’s discuss one way to promote this: doula employee. Birth doula is a well-trained caregiver who provides direct care during childbirth and delivery. Postpartum doula is trained to help you in the fourth trimester, or during the 12 weeks after the birth of your new baby. Birth doulas work with you to ensure that you are well informed and that you have a birth vision that is most relevant to you and your family. Doulas also provides support and comfort by being on a regular basis at birth, displaying a variety of roles that promote comfort and help the work progress, ensuring that your loved one is cared for while you work hard, touch, massage, compress. and many other ways of comforting. Many doulas are also trained to help you stand on your own in the delivery area. The role of the doula is different from that of a doctor or midwife in that it does not provide medical care (such as a cervical smear examination or examination of the unborn child), but rather focuses on strengthening your physical and emotional comfort. It has been shown that having a doula can reduce the length of activity, reducing stress within lpregnancy, and reduce the need for medical care such as send to cesarean (c-section).

Although doulas are a great way to help, your loved ones, family members or friends can also help you. He knows you well and may want to help you, but he may not always know you Why to help. Therefore, it is important to discuss supportive strategies kale you find a room to be born. For example, one day I was working as a doula and was discharged from the hospital for a long time when I was born and I saw a man suffering in the barn with a friend. He was standing and looking at her with a look of concern on his face that indicated he really wanted to help but did not know how to help as the waves of work-related pain intensified. I offered to show her some of the ways she could help by restraining her and by speaking kind words to her. She was grateful, but the mother was very grateful — she needed support and reassurance in a way that reassured her that she had endured the ordeal. Employment support is something that all born people need. It is also possible for a friend, relatives or friends to want to be involved in this great time.

In addition to planning a physical birth, there are three things that can make your birth better:

  1. Make a doula. Doulas is primarily trained to provide physical, emotional and professional support. Start by searching online for doulas in your area available to help you. You can also ask a doctor or midwife, as well as other child care providers, or you can turn on social media like Facebook groups where many doula are working to help you find the right doula for you.

  1. Think about the others you would like to have during childbirth and talk to them about how they can support you during childbirth. It is best to set boundaries for your birthplace and be specific about who is in the room. Talking about how you deal with pain, how you respond physically and emotionally to stress, or how you would like to be cared for at birth is a good way to prepare for the people who will be present at this time. Go ahead and ask them to spend an hour looking at your silent signatures. This is a great way to get more involved with each other.
  1. Make a consolation plan with your doula, your friend and everyone else who will be present at your birthday which is easy to find. Coping with stress, such as lower back pain during exercise, is very effective and can be done even before work begins. Water treatment, such as taking a bath or shower during childbirth, can also help. Application of a birthday ball or peanut ball and practical methods during operation. Make a list of precautionary measures designed to help your support person (s) during the work to help you.

Having a baby is a time of change, and you need to be helped as you help your child enter the world. Let’s have this baby!

About Breonna Riddick

Breonna (Bree) Riddick is a born doula, PhD student, Graduate & Research Assistant in the Department of Communication at George Mason University. She has been a doula in her community since December 2019 and is passionate about childbirth and strong births. Bree is a proponent of personal care from a holistic perspective and health justice, especially for black women. They consider it a privilege to work with families in a holy place of birth and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others in order to improve their health. Learn more about Bree on his page.

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