It’s the first trimester! This is what you need to do + learn


If you are reading this, we see that all good things come to you! The first trimester of pregnancy usually has a lot of stress — thanks very much to the overactive hormones in your body these days. If you feel like your interest is drawing in twelve directions, take a deep breath and start here. It is a specially designed bite bite classes these during your pregnancy, you can get the treatment you need without being overwhelmed by the many things that can wait for you in the future.

Here’s what you need to know about waiting classes to help you + your baby in the first trimester:

What should I expect in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Although it starts soon, the first trimester starts when you get a healthy pregnancy — probably followed by new pregnancy symptoms. It’s amazing! And often boring. (Don’t worry, most women are able to regain strength in the second trimester.)

From setting a schedule to meeting a health care provider, continuing with expectant vitamins and taking care of yourself, it may feel like there are a lot of new activities on your to-do list for your first trimester. The First Trimester Women’s digital education program is designed to help you stay strong, even if you have nausea. 😉

What should I learn in the first trimester of pregnancy?

  1. Well-known physical symptoms in the first trimester: Most expectant mothers begin to experience changes in their bodies during pregnancy tests. In the Early Pregnancy Pregnancy Class, Pediatric Nurse and Confirmation Doula Diana Spalding addresses the stress that often occurs in the first trimester.
  2. What responsibilities: One of the first steps is when you find out you are pregnant you should make an appointment with the OB-GYN or other health care providers you will be working with throughout your pregnancy. In the Early Pregnancy Planning Class, you will learn what to expect when your doctor encounters a test and find out more about the tests that are part of the first few weeks.
  3. How to take care of your bodyA: Your goal may be to grow bean daily, but remember that caring for them requires personal attention. With two fitness classes led by The Bloom Method instructors, you can follow your favorite classes designed for pregnant women.
  4. What is coming: It is called the “first trimester” because… There is so much to follow! Learn what to expect in the coming months of pregnancy with the Maternal Health Benefit Class, which includes a number of lessons, downloaded notes, meditations and much more.

What should I know about online pregnancy classes from Mom?

Classes run on their own

When you buy a digital class from Mom, it’s up to you to watch, pause, step back and review as many times as you want. By having the right to use these classes according to your needs and time, you can enhance what you learn — and be more motivated to do so.

The content comes directly from the experts

Our professional-oriented training on women allows you to learn from leading health professionals, fitness and fitness, no matter where you are.

You can find what works for you

All pregnancy events are different. With selected classes to fit your goals and lifestyle, you can feel that you have the power to make the decisions that are right for you. Our classes provide professional guidance and support you have confidence.

What is Women’s First Trimester Education?

Early Pregnancy Planning Class ($ 14)

These quick and easy tutorials are designed to help you become more informed and self-reliant when you embark on this amazing journey. Under the direction of Diana Spalding, a Pediatric Nurse and Certified Doula, you will learn about physical symptoms, find a doctor-electing expert, learn what to expect from the coming weeks and much more.

Maternity Benefit Class ($ 24)

The Professional and Women’s Pregnancy Health Class, celebrates this amazing change in providing the physical, nutritional and emotional support you need, as well as frequently asked questions about relationships + sex, baby needs and maternity leave.

Promotional and Rehabilitation Boxes ($ 14)

Based on pregnancy techniques from The Bloom Method, this 20 minute exercise will help you move and remind you of your strength… And it also makes for a great post-natal workout! No additional equipment is required. Be prepared to break out in a sweat!

Barre on Pregnancy and Postpartum ($ 14)

According to our partners at The Bloom Method, this class will empower expectant and expectant mothers to exercise safe and sweaty exercises to stay strong during pregnancy, birth training, healing and postnatal rehabilitation.

We make our own choices and share our favorite things — and we can get a job if you choose to buy. You have this.

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