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Every time I meet azamba customers, the question I often ask is, ‘What is my attitude at birth?’ This is easy for me – my intellect is.

Proper birth comes in many forms and is defined by your personal preferences — your preferences, plans, expectations and needs.

Obviously, birth is a natural force and not all that we have. If things do not go your way, it is not your fault! But there are steps we can take to direct matters in the right direction.

Here are my top ten tips to help you get the job and birth of your dreams.

1. Choose your birthplace carefully

According to a recent survey, yours the risk of having a share of Caesar It depends on your choice of health care more than any other risk you or your baby may have on the big day.

Different hospitals and providers have different systems and philosophies, and these can change at birth. As a result, doing homework is a priority where you choose to be born It can make your birth more exciting. There is no problem asking for hospitals and providers who can give you the opportunity to be part of their C level and intervention rates, for example.

If the avoidance of Caesar’s territory and interference is necessary for you, the place of birth or born at home It would be a good way to think, too. Obviously, C-levels and interference can be important and in that case, it is amazing that they exist. Talk to your home-born group or birthplace about what happens when you need to relocate.

2. Walk until a good birth

Light exercise it reduces the risk of complications and is good for you and your baby. Plus, you’ll be getting stronger and more focused – it’s all going to work.

Exercising is more than just for you and your baby. Women who exercise regularly are less likely to be overweight, so to speak risk of complications (such as postpartum diabetes and high blood pressure) may be reduced. Your teenager too is in the process of forming an identity healthy living, too.

You share the lovely, fun endorphins your body produces when you exercise with your baby. Yoga, walking and swimming are a few good exercises. Just talk to those who are helping you to make sure your plans are safe, and then, have fun.

3. Consider the natural born group

Wherever you choose to give birth, consider the benefits delivery class is provided independently of the hospital or place of birth. In this way, you and your partner can use whatever decisions you need to make at birth with confidence. You will learn the skills of working with childbearing, how to motivate yourself as a natural person and more on what to expect in childbirth.

You didn’t take a birthday class, mom? We made you the best. Enter a mother’s birth class Pano.

4. Get help, such as hiring a doula

In a busy hospital or delivery center, your nurse should care for more than one expectant mother, so that this leaves your partner as your only source of support for the big day.

There is a statement from a pediatrician Dr. John Kennell who go ‘if doulas were a drug, it would not be appropriate not to use them. ”

There are many The advantage of writing a born doula, in addition to the importance of reducing pain, significantly reduces Ohiya birth, low Pitocin, decreased maternal stress after childbirth, and increased breast size. There is nothing wrong with having a good day.

5. Have a prepared partner

If you have someone who will be with you at work, encourage them to be prepared — more. A well-prepared partner is one of the most important tools in your work environment, especially if your nurse is busy.

Usually, partners are left in the delivery room, but with help, knowledge and education, they can be the rock you would need for the day for physical and emotional support.

As you analyze the classes, find a place where your partner can learn how to help. Contemplate this notion as you interact with your loved ones, so that your partner will be able to support you on a big day. Your job is to get in the branch and stay in it – your partner’s job is everything.

6. Avoid evil nellies

No doubt you have already met a few of them – well-meaning friends and relatives who can’t wait to tell you about a dangerous birth. Find your ideal hometown with people who can inspire you, encourage you and stay happy with what’s coming.

If someone wants to tell you something wrong or dangerous, do not be afraid to stop and say, “Thank you for telling me this!

7. Write down your preferences

Birth certificates are a good linking tool. Maybe you have never met your nurse in childbirth and childbirth, so a bias is a great way to help them get to know you and the type of birth you would like most.

It is not a contract or a guarantee, but writing down what you want can help you and your partner see what you can do on the big day, as well as get personal care instead of following medical procedures.

There’s no need to turn your preferences into a good idea – just one page with shells will suffice.

8. Find your bump while swimming

The bathroom is known as a midwife. Immersion in warm water shortening the work, reduces pain and allows more freedom of movement. You are rich, happy with the work! No pot? Try bathing instead.

9. Build your working equipment

I always advise my clients to work with yoga. Sitting there opens the hips and reduces pain as you move the hips around your lower baby.

Acupressure, music and breathing exercises before you can help you stay calm and in control. You can also consider talking to those who give you the opportunity to use it Ten. This does it all by yourself – all you need is a partner to use the sticky pockets at the end of the activity. In Europe, many women keep their TENS units in their nearest store during the month, so they are ready to go wherever they want.

Medicines can also be part of your work equipment — keep everything on the table for good delivery.

10. Focus on what can be successful

It is easy to waste our time talking about births we do not want, rather than births we want. Your ideas about birth are very important. Start training your brain to prepare for birth calmly, appropriately. The reduction in stress that this gives you will not only help you to enjoy your pregnancy, but also give you the opportunity to be born happy when the time comes.

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