When a baby cries, it can be as useless as Mom or Dad. Here are some simple ways to reduce the crying baby.

Find out why

There are a number of things that can happen that can cause or make a baby cry a lot.
These things are;
a. Discovery (Heat)
b. You love Nappy
c. Cold.
d. A child can be sick (flu, flu, or fever)

All of this and more can make a baby cry. When you have a troubled baby, and he cries all day; do this to help the child settle down.

1. Take a good bath; This is one of the biggest ways to reduce the crying baby. it strengthens her skin and makes her feel relaxed.
2. Feed when you are hungry; Giving a baby breast milk or baby food is felt in the stomach and calms him or her down. This goes a long way in helping your baby fall asleep.
3. Walk around; Growing up and shaking can help to mimic the movements of a baby in your womb. Walking around puts the baby down. You can also get a baby rocker, and baskets with rocker inserts as this will help you relax your arms.
4. Singing immoral songs; for your child you are the most talented in the world and just hearing your voice can shake his world. Singing sex songs makes your child happy.
If all else fails, and your child is unstable, ask your health care provider for correction

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