How to help parents get back in office after COVID


# 2 mixed and flexible components

Allowing employees to choose their working days in a week and hours allows them to switch to other activities, such as upgrading their schooling or caring for an elderly relative. Companies including Ford, Target and Salesforce have already received mixed or flexible components working in offices.

# 3 Calling a place to work

On the plus side, working parents can be happy to get back to a place without distractions, so investing in new things like free snacks, high-end coffee or renovating high-end offices can be both rewarding and appealing.

# 4 Parent support group

Establishing a parent-led parenting team in your organization is a great way to identify staff needs. Use this group of ideas to bring more parents to the office — and allow them to run the negotiations and budget.

# 5 Encourage “exit”

I am 9.8 million working women are currently exhausted, Employers should provide relief. Give permission to employees to “enjoy” when they leave the office. Adjust your email and respond to Slack messages within a few hours.

In order to deal with major layoffs, employers should make arrangements to return to office after COVID to ensure their safety and avoid refunds.

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