How Many Feeding? – He Is Our Friendly Son


Feeding babies when they are hungry (on purpose) instead of just giving them time is better to breastfeed better. But since babies are often not born hungry – their cravings begin about the third day – obviously there will not be much need at first. Which means you have to start – even push – first.

The baby should be fed at least eight to 12 times every 24 hours, even if the food has not reached that point, for the first few weeks. Break that down and you’ll probably nurse every two or three hours, day and night, counting from the beginning of each nursing session.

Breastfeeding methods vary greatly from baby to baby, however, you may need to breastfeed less or less frequently. If you have a hungry or impatient baby in your arms, you can go over an hour to eat; an easily satisfied child can last three and a half to four hours. If you feel like you are breastfeeding all the time, do not worry; it is temporary. As your milk supply increases and your baby grows, the interval between breastfeeding will be longer.

Do not worry or wonder if your friends who are breastfeeding or supplementing say that their newborn babies eat more often. Breast milk is digested more easily than infant formula, which makes breastfeeding babies faster – and the thirst for faster food.

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