Helping your child develop their language


While you may not be able to accelerate your child’s natural development, you can support their language skills. Some experts say that the best thing you can do is talk to your 1-year-old son constantly. At first you may feel like a fool, but constantly speaking in tongues will help them learn.

How can you help your child learn to speak?

  1. Get the child talking quickly: Studies show that the sooner you start talking with a child, the better he or she will be able to understand and understand the language. Children’s speech is a simple way to make words and sentences attractive to a child. Infants, who begin communicating with children at an early age, are more likely to have a wide range of vocabulary related to young children.
  2. Sing: Toddlers love music, and singing is a great way to develop language. Teach him a lot of simple music, especially loud ones. Singing helps to arouse the young person’s interest in words and sentences.
  3. Encourage imitation: Allow your child to adopt your words and express them aloud. It may sound silly, but when a baby enters a baby, its copying is correct, setting the tone for sound decisions.
  4. Read aloud: Read to them throughout the day when you are not in a hurry. Talk about what you see in the pictures, if you are using the pictures.
  5. Explain to people and things: Point to the objects and tell the child their names, and let the child know their names or relatives. The use of nouns strengthens the substance of the object and increases the child’s vocabulary.
  6. Use a language you are comfortable with
  7. Follow their advice: If they are curious about something, they want to know what words they have in common. Pay attention to what attracts them, and talk about what they see.

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