After CS (Caesar Surgery or Surgery) especially for the first time Mom, it is always difficult. Your body is exhausted from the stress of carrying a baby for 9 months and then undergoing major surgery.
It is important to make sure that you do not do this.

The picture is NastyaSensei from Wings

1. Please do not stress. Try to get everything else you want, without worrying or arguing with anything. Just allow your body to heal slowly, do not try to speed up the process.

The picture is NastyaSensei from Wings

2. Avoid sturdy clothing such as pants or tight-fitting pants after surgery and so on especially wearing clothes.
When performing healing avoid adding pressure to the area. Like wearing tight, uncomfortable clothes. Hold on to loose things that won’t bother you.

4. Do not try to use a seat belt or tummy tuck your abdomen for up to 6 weeks of testing to prevent recovery.

5. Do not bend unnecessarily. Squat if you want things to happen

6. Do not expel the area after bathing. No matter what type of CS you have done with your doctors please do not skip the site until you are confirmed.

7. Do not go up and down stairs at all times.
Avoid the ups and downs of your ladder this will force the area and may cause a leak inside. If you can avoid it please do not use the stairs. Take a boat or ask someone to pick you up

8. Please ask your friends and relatives not to act like Jackie chan. Ask for help !!

Jackie in his movies often likes to hit himself and save anyone who is older.
But you need to rest and ask for help without doing anything.
Plan for the future by asking for help before giving so that you can get more help if you need it.

Happy Mother you gat this.

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