Free Webinar on January 6: 2021 Tax Changes on Family Caregivers


I present a free webinar on Thursday, January 6 at “Tax Changes in 2021 Affect Child Care.” It will start 6: 30-8: 30pm Central Time. This webinar is for family caregivers only in Minnesota.

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I will cover:

* What are the taxable costs during the COVID-19 period

* How to manage Stabilization support

* How to discount

* How to calculate Time-Space%

* How to reduce the cost of buying a car and food

* Time to choose to claim Social Security benefits

* Listen to SBA loan programs

This webinar is sponsored by First Children Finance, a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis. Provides financial and business development support to child care businesses that serve low-income and low-income families, creating partnerships that link these important businesses with community and community resources.

Tom Copeland –

Photo Credit: First Children Finance

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