Free Webinar: “Children’s Funds for New 2021 Tax Changes and Reforms”


I give you a free page on Thursday, November 11th from 2: 00- 3:30 pm Eastern Time onwards “Children’s Funds to Change and Adjust New Taxes for 2021.”

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If you can’t watch it right away, it will be recorded for later listening. After the website is displayed I will post electronic tags on this page along with the download link.

Webinar covers:

  • How to Manage Fixed Revenue Tax Results
  • How to calculate your Time-Space% if you closed the 2021 phase
  • How you can benefit from changes in tax laws: child tax debt, mileage and food rations, and much more.
  • The deduction is deducted as the value of the business
  • How to forgive your PPP debt

Students receive a free certificate. You can access further education units (CEUs) through University of Oklahoma.

This free webinar is sponsored by Early Childhood Research and is made up of Methods of Operation, LLC. Supported by Learning Beyond.

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