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Grandmother's DayMarian McQuade is known as the founder of National Grandmother’s Day. He wanted young people to understand the importance of the elderly and their contribution to help people. In 1977, Congress asked President Jimmy Carter to declare the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandmother’s Day. President Carter followed on August 3, 1978, and the day was first celebrated in 1979. also offers kudos to nine-year-old Russell Capper who wrote to President Richard Nixon in 1969 requesting a grandparent’s day. He received a response from the secretary to the president who informed Russell that his ideas were appreciated, adding that they needed a decision at a meeting to be held on such a day.

As a result, the message recognizes Marian McQuade and Russell Capper and shares seven ways to celebrate this special day.

# 1 Grandpa’s Questions

This would be a good day for grandchildren to “ask” their grandparents, asking them questions about life at a young age. Children can record notes and / or record conversations in person or over the phone, Skype or Zoom. The grandmother said that her grandchildren were “surprised” that Grandma had no TV in their home when she was young.

# 2 Make a Handmade Card

The site also shows children making fake cards for their grandparents. Parents can provide children with beautiful building materials, crayons, paints, pencils, cut magazines, scissors, glue, and so on. As an alternative, parents and children can work together to draw a picture of a family on a piece of cardboard, which is cut out. All can be sent to grandparents with a note asking them to put them together to see their loved ones. Also, provides a picture of Grandparents’ Day that children can draw and send.

# 3 Create the “I Love You” List advises children to make a list of all the reasons they love grandparents and then read the list aloud to Grandma and Grandma or send an email / email to the list.

# 4 Have Fun With Them Together

This article also shows that grandchildren enjoy what grandparents love – whether it’s bocce cooking, cooking, fishing, or flower arrangements, children can learn a new job while grandparents enjoy teaching them what they love.

# 5 Sing Together!

Many songs have been written for Grandpa’s Day, including this. Grandparents can listen and sing along with them. Depending on how everyone feels, the music can be performed by relatives on the same day.

# 6 Hold Game Day

A special day would be celebrated with a simple meal and board games – or card games or a picture game. Anything that brings happiness! Families can also use this time to look at old photos together and share stories of old meetings.

# 7 Join One Family

You can collect family photos and write them on the back with names, dates and any other important details. This price it can be as simple or as deep as you would like. The goal is to have fun and to spend time together and talk about family and create something memorable.

Mix and match this just the way you want it and have fun! This year, Grandpa’s Day and Sunday are coming. Enjoy the time to share them for several generations.

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