Expected Calendar – Week 6


Picture of a seven-week-old pregnant woman with a morning sickness wearing a blue dress

That’s why we’re still in the first working trimester this week. Fatigue is excessive urination and incontinence as well as possible stomach upset and depression. If you don’t pour beans on people, you are probably going to die. You may feel that you are pregnant more than you look (even if your uterus has doubled), and without a good surrounding pregnancy you may not get the confirmation of “everything is fine” from your symptoms.

(Of course, as I have learned, all betting is possible for me to get pregnant again, as my already stretched joey-pouch is happy with the opportunity to reclaim her future.)

Morning sickness usually appears between the seventh week and XNUMX – it peaks in a few weeks and hopefully disappears in the second trimester. You wouldn’t hear a story from me about a friend of my friend’s cousin who walked dogs for nine months, because these things are NOT HELPFUL and it always makes me feel very uncomfortable. So let me tell you this: the terrible morning / afternoon / night sickness of my first pregnancy went away after week 13. There was another week or two of food allergies and odors, but at week 16 I felt very good and Hulk- level of hunger.

If you are suffering from morning sickness, you will find that EVERYONE with a friend’s dog rider has the best cures. You have all my right not to ignore them. Every woman’s morning sickness is different. And the morning sickness of every mother during each pregnancy is different.

In the meantime, “storing food in your stomach all the time” really helps. When I go for a long time without a bit of a scratch, I get really tired. But I also really don’t give up. Some time ago, I became depressed. More. Always. A full stomach, half full, empty – it was nothing. I digested enough food to stay alive and prepared a 20 minute monologue of how YES, COOKING WATER EXAMINATIONS. GOOD SMELL, VERY GOOD.

I tried lemonade and ginger ale “real” with cakes and fruits and a hot bath and I can’t remember any more. Nothing worked, though it made a study of WHAT I THINK before I opened my mouth on my big body to give another pregnant woman my 100% valuable and amazing advice.

(Surprisingly, Vitamin Water has worked in a LITTLE way in the past. Seriously. It made life worth living.)

If you are not suffering from morning sickness (and you have read so far – sorry, I can’t put you first because all pregnant patients will follow you with forks), consider yourself lucky. Depth. I know we are all fed up with “morning sickness = having a healthy pregnancy” but it is important to note that “not getting sick in the morning” is NOT the same as an unhealthy pregnancy. That, really doesn’t.

Some women do not have many of the symptoms during pregnancy. Or whatever! This does not mean that your body does not produce and increase your expectation hormones at the right level. It simply means that your body is ALLOWING twice the normal hormones. Actually: you are the middle Viking! You succeed and some of us miserable fail.

Like you was the symptoms disappear suddenly, or if your lack of symptoms is accompanied by stagnant spots AND diarrhea – yes. These are not major symptoms and you should call your doctor. But the lack of symptoms in itself? Pfft. It’s not worth the effort, even though I know it’s easier said than done.

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