Expected Calendar – Week 4


an illustration of a good pregnancy test rod on a pregnancy calendar

Operation Chill Out hit its biggest hurdle this week as a collision. More and more punctuation. Now, I remember the last stress – before I was known to be pregnant, because I remember very well not to think I was pregnant after missing a period, since the seizure told me it had to happen soon. But this week was different, because I was able to get along better with activities, such as running or carrying my little baby or WALKING IN THE BATHROOM. The pain passed through my abdomen and around my back and I swear that I sometimes feel around my pubic bone. I went to the chair with a large bottle of water (dehydration can cause uterine cramping) and tried to stay as long as possible.

My husband finally gave me a phone call and ordered me to call a doctor – my first waiting period would not be for several weeks and he was not happy about it. My doctor told me everything I already knew: drinking plenty of water, breathing, and breathing. If there is no bleeding, the resistance is normal. But … come get a quick ultrasound.

By 5 weeks of gestation, your baby is about a millimeter tall. It is very small and difficult to see with the best ultrasound equipment. This is not to say that there are no objects – the original shape of the head and torso and small particles of small particles begin to form, along with the internal organs and chambers of the heart. By next week, this tiny heart will be a small pixel-shaped object on the sonogram, but for now everything is too small to be seen.

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