Expected Calendar – Week 37


This week we turned our room into a photo studio. I have only a few “real” pictures from my stomach (beyond the disembodied self-portraits that I took every week), and I was determined to end this. Not sure enough, obviously, to remember to find and reserve a real part of the image of motherhood with a real female artist, but surprisingly, I am very happy with the results.

We pulled out a few sheets of paper from our bed and tied them to the wall (with Scotch tape, because we are Classy), covered two cheap lamps (available at any hardware store or art gallery) with colored paper and tied them to the ceiling. fan, install camera and tripod and ta da! Make your own pictures of pregnant women.

Now, I HATE my filming. I HATE IT. But I also hate not having my best photos. So I agreed to suck it and follow my husband’s advice, even though I felt like a huge, trembling, well-known fish. We looked online at what experts do (HUSBAND, WHILE GOOGLING: Please God, do not allow too much pornography to appear.) for ideas, and then adapted based on our consistent and graphic design skills. I put on a bra and stretch pants, then had the courage to take off my clothes (sweetly, I swear), and we used a camera calculator to let my husband shoot a little.

The Crappy brand was developed and transformed into black-and-white or sepia later, and my old Photoshop skills were enough to fix any other complaints (i.e., armpit, hell?). I’m still annoyed that I haven’t done enough to keep the “real” photo section, but if the money is too tight or you are too shy to take motherhood photos, I encourage you to try your part at home. After my husband showed me a few pictures he had taken, I left the squashy beached whale and felt so good … well, this is corny as hell but true… BEAUTIFUL. See what my body is doing! Look at the twists and turns with BABY! The smallest detail is what I would think of making or showing people, but I think they are all beautiful and I am glad I will have the memory of this pregnancy.

The whole night turned out to be a very small celebration for the baby and the last days of pregnancy. We were taking mine photo but it was really about him, and when we put the camera away we came to a quick and easy connection to his name – which was a wonderful surprise, believe me.

In addition to women photography, there are other ways you can celebrate and save the Last Days of Pregnancy. Two other ideas

  • Make a drawing on your stomach. You could buy special equipment or hit a local store to add plaster, or just make an old paper match. I think a lot of women like IDEA for this but they are always just a little taken aback by the idea of ​​hanging them on the wall afterwards. But if you like it skillfully, they make a cool cloth to paint and decorate afterwards.
  • Jump on the plaster and decorate your real belly. Linda found a beautiful henna look and then put her picture at home, which was also beautiful. If you have older children, buy face or body paper and let everyone go on your belly, make their own small message and draw for the baby, then take pictures. (I draw a collage picture next to a small piece of paint hanging in a nursery and I absolutely love it.)

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