Expected Calendar – Week 28


This is how the Pregnancy Calendar – Week 28 goes, So you know how almost every movie about pregnancy and childbirth has “fun” scenes that knockers try to have sex with? And how it ends up always one or both tremble for fear that the man may pull out the baby’s eye with his penis or other actions that indicate 1) a dangerous touch of a woman’s body, or 2) EXTREME height in the length of the male organ.

I have no patience for these pictures. Even before I got pregnant, I knew enough about the structure of the vagina / uterus / uterus to know that sex does not harm, threaten or disturb the baby in the womb in any way (provided your pregnancy, in most cases, is harmless).

And yet it took me BOOKS to achieve the goal of wanting to write freely about SEX during PREGNANCY, because … well, let’s see. Even without the old-fashioned penis-like jokes, interracial sex poses a number of challenges, especially here in the exciting third trimester.

GOOD-Pregnancy Calendar Week 28

Many pregnant women report increased libido, especially when the pain of the first trimester disappears. And this climb is often accompanied by more moisture AND the same conviction. Your bombs also benefit from increased sensitivity, and in contrast to the numbers-who-may-not-wash in fashion, most men (and women, hell) have wires to love feminine curves. which is associated with pregnancy. You may feel fat and nauseous, but your partner thinks you haven’t looked deep.


All right. You can still feel like you are overweight and have a whaley. You may admire yourself in the mirror strangely and fearfully, but being naked and arguing-having fun with someone can make that surprise and fear into self-pity and shame. Sensitivity is sometimes very high. (My husband loves my waiting bowels, but I want to hit everyone he touches.) And then there is the bloody LOGISTICS. Your favorite site may not work anymore, and trying to find other ways to relax can be like playing Tetris. AND, well, you may know that intercourse is good and safe and secure, yet there is a barrier in the mind of the BABY in your womb to be whole… YOURS is PRESENT and TROUBLE. “That was a great struggle,” you may think later, as you run to the bathroom for a dozen times to search for the unknown after sex. (When your uterus and uterus are tightly closed and closed, there is hem ahem… and there is nowhere else for sperm to go but… back outside. I wish someone would tell me that.


Obviously, we modern girls have a lot of ways to have sex and pregnancy. There’s more to the bedroom than missionary responsibilities, oral sex and vanilla these days and yeah, I’m glad I got a little battery help. So yes, let us all enjoy the light of motherhood for such a wonderful time in our lives, but let’s not forget the distractions, or whatever the children call these days. Also See WebMD Pregnancy Calculator

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