Expected Calendar – Week 26


I tested for diabetes this week, and I’m happy to say that 1) I passed, and 2) it wasn’t as bad as it once was. Don’t get me wrong, but I think maybe it had something to do with the fact that I ate breakfast before I started drinking a healthy sugar drink. I know! Where can I find these outdoor fiction?

Last time I appeared on an empty stomach. I thought that would be a good and easy way to make sure I didn’t accidentally come out and put the jelly on my toast or start eating spoonfuls from a bowl of sugar (no sugar – refined or fruit – in front of you. Try a test). I drank a glucose drink within a minute and met up with a third hour on this side of college, with a lot of sugar and got out of my doctor’s bed. He woke me up for a blood test and sent me to work, where I struggled to stay alert and alert before I had a severe headache and went home.

This time I ate a small piece of toast and a little butter. The drink (which reminds me of the orange drink that McDonald gave me during my elementary school days and so on) made me very tired and lazy, but it didn’t hurt much. And no head. So… if you have never seen sugar cane, consider EATING BAD FOOD before you go. God is good. Surprisingly, I do not just cool off because of my intelligence.

Walking When Pregnant
Regarding fainting, I talked to my doctor about walking during pregnancy. This was also very wise, since I had already booked non-return flight tickets from DC to California. She gave me big fingers, and said she was usually comfortable with pregnant women who traveled long distances for up to 34 weeks (although most planes allow you to fly up to 36 weeks at home and 35 weeks around the world). If you have complications (uterine problems, for example, or you are at risk of premature birth), then your doctor may prescribe a way to reduce the flow of air – breathing or not. Otherwise, you will hear what I have heard:

BE DESTROYED. Duh. And yet, it is easy to forget and forget until the time is up, especially with the three rules of air travel. Carrying the two unopened bottles of water that I had taken on my last trip, I arrived at the airport empty-handed, thinking I could save as I passed the security and approached my gate. Amazing! Things did not go as planned, and as the plane took off, I was extremely paralyzed and suffering from Braxton-Hicks fainting. FAILURES.
DO NOT COVER. As long as the long lines at the security checkpoint are insufficient, they put you at risk of fainting. Stay in your suitcase, if you can, and do not be afraid to announce that you need help if you start to faint. Pregnancy during pregnancy is very common and will not hurt your baby, but obviously a serious fall or bruise on your head is something you should try to avoid. I also messed up this, and I almost got frustrated at the party with only rooms. My doctor gives me an F on the trip, if he can read my blogs.
TOULA, EAT THINGS. It is easy to eat like stupid when you walk. Fast food, fast-selling sweets, breakfast cereals and sodas and coffee are all things your system can do. The problem is that you are asking your body for more information here – anxiety, morning flights, heavy loads, walking, getting up and OH HIM, MAKING A PERSONAL LIFE – then try to make healthier choices, or carry on. your snippets. Avoid too much sugar and sodium in particular, and try to pack a lot of protein and real foods instead.
TULUKA. Well, then standing in one place for a long time is bad, so STAYING in one place is too long. I know, I know. Keep biting your pillow because everything is so hard to remember. If you are flying, try to find a seat (and be prepared for ALL PEEING you will do for having enough water) and walk the trails at least once an hour. Do not cross your legs while sitting. When staying where you are going, try to spend as much time as possible with your feet up so that you do not swell.

(I had a central seat on the way to California, but I was very grateful to be on the plane even though I did not object, but instead looked at my chair with Eyes of Intensity, looking at every sign he had. I woke up, Then I jumped up and looked at her every time I saw her eyelids open. of chickens at their flight fun. to urinate to the satisfaction of my heart.)

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