Expected Calendar – Week 22


If there was one sign of pregnancy I was expecting and praying for it to hit me this time – more than morning sickness, than swollen ankles and sciatic nerve pain – it was stressful. Dangerous, confusing, fast – mental stress.

It did not skip this time.

I expected it to be the whole beginning of my first pregnancy which was wrong, but here I am again, skeptical with the same fears and worries. After I close my busy brain (money, work, the tone of that one email, I have to change the tube, money, two babies oh my god TWO), I am plagued by nightmares, of “I have my last college in college. I did not go but forgot to leave “and” I am waiting for tables and I do not seem to be receiving orders and customers are coming out and / or ordering non-menu items and what do you mean I should get soda extracts from the bottom of the block? ” types.

And then I wake up from this dream with my mind racing and worrying about what I was worried about with Noah, even though I KNOW that everything will be fine and in the end. Will I love my child? Will they love me again? Can I get PPD? Will I be able to breastfeed? How can I cope with midnight ear infection with a younger and younger baby and still do any work? Am I leaving the house? Will I have more friends with my mom? Will I be anything but a mother?

Here’s the thing, though. Not all stress and stress during the medium should be eliminated randomly under Crazy Pregnant Lady Hormones. Severe anxiety and depression can occur during pregnancy, and you should always tell your doctor if you experience this.

Women who have suffered from (or have had a family history of) depression and anxiety are at greater risk for pre-existing depression, such as those who have had abortions, who have received medical treatment or who have been reported to have a more serious pregnancy. Major life events, such as relationship problems, a major shift, or a change in employment, can also cause anxiety beyond measure.

Since I have a history of chronic stress, I am happy to have ways to deal with it. Writing, making a list (I write everything I emphasize and / or skip and end it, item by item), long walks and meditation. But how do you know when it’s not enough?

Most stress tests are more humorous when applied to a pregnant woman (too tired? Craving to eat regularly? compulsive, self-injurious thoughts or feelings if your baby would do well to avoid being born or given to someone else – then call a doctor right away. Many antidepressants can be taken safely during pregnancy, and the benefits outweigh the risks. Communication support can also be very helpful in helping you deal with the fears and problems that your baby has before birth. IT’S A CONVERSATION. UP. And do not let anyone else ignore your feelings because you are pregnant.

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