Expected Calendar – Week 19


Mozama. You’re in the middle of a pregnancy, which can lead to deep emotions such as: “Yeah!” or “Uh-oh” or “Whoa” or “Must. Fix it. The kitchen. Cabinets. “
Let’s talk about skin today. Oh, but your poor skin becomes very painful during pregnancy, from itching to swelling to stretching of the symptoms to eruptions to other abnormalities.

First, stretch marks. Do not deceive yourself. There is nothing you can do to prevent the stretch marks. You may get stretch marks… or you may not, and no amount of cocoa butter can change this. According to Wikipedia, one study claimed that daily intake of one cream “caused a significant reduction in symptoms during the period.” Less. Which is fine, but again, there is no definite way to avoid the absolute. About 75 to 90 percent of women experience some of the symptoms during pregnancy, usually in the third trimester. I have heard that there seems to be a genetic link, so if you think you will be one of the few who are not mentioned, ask your mother if she found them. My mother had an unlimited three pregnancies in her 20s and she got pregnant when I was 35. I thought I had a good way to prevent it, but I started to have a thin silvery color all over me. my pregnancy at 38 weeks. This time I don’t seem to be getting many new marks, but what I do have is very dark and clear. Eh. I was terrified when I saw them, but now I know that they disappear with time and are not visible to anyone but me. They are your military prints, and you can be prepared to wear them with pride.

Next, the “pregnancy shell” or chloasma, which usually grows in the second trimester. These include brown or yellow patches on the skin – they can be seen everywhere, but are most noticeable on the upper cheeks and t-zone. Intermediate hormones, for whatever reason, can stimulate the production of extra melanin on your skin and create a more subtle appearance on your face. (Oral contraceptives can cause the same thing, accidentally.) Although many people seem to think that blondes and light-skinned women can have chloasma, it is more common for brunettes and dark-skinned women. Like stretch straps, there is nothing you can do to 100% guarantee that this will not happen, even reducing your UVA and UVB lighting and wearing sunscreen on your face can help.

And then there is the linea nigra, that amazing black line that runs up or down or through your abdomen. It seems we all already have this line – it is called linea alba and is usually the color of your skin or slightly lighter. But since most of the skin is black during pregnancy (such as dots, scars, scars, genital warts), this line is most noticeable from the end of the second trimester. And when your skin is black, the line is black. Usually. (Mine did not show up last time and is completely invisible so far, but my white-skinned sister had a very beautiful appearance.)

These! Dreams! Explosion! Dreams! Some women cause facial expressions, some body aches, some eruptions in contrast to what you have seen in this part of junior high. It is a decrease in the “middle light,” which only increases the flow of blood to your cheeks and the extra discharge and fat deposits. Bleh! I know! Go with a mild facial cleanser or scrub of oatmeal and wash the affected areas at least twice a day. Make sure all your cosmetics are non-oily, but stay away from drugs or cheap anti-greasy substances. It will only make the fat-producing organs produce more fat. The good news is that this is NOT a sign that you will be in the shape of a pizza face forever – most pregnant acne is the case, and your skin WILL RETURN for a while after birth.

And let’s not forget all the other amazing, amazing things your skin can do during pregnancy. There are pimples on the scalp, itching and itching everywhere where your skin starts. There are swelling of the abdomen or PUPP, a red rash on the abdomen or thighs or buttocks. It is a dangerous but harmless form, and disappears after giving birth. Keep it wet and apply anti-itch cream if it makes you crazy. There are skin symptoms. The palms are red. The tiny red dots have raised spots on your torso and extremities. Spider veins. Blow blood in the face (and eye!). And perhaps many other unusual wounds and bruises and bruises that no one else has ever mentioned.

A visit to a dermatologist can make you feel more comfortable if you notice abnormalities – while the size of the mole and the new spots are normal, pregnancy is NOT a protection against skin cancer, so do not hesitate to call and check. Your doctor will probably pick you up and tell you that it will probably go away after giving birth and by this time, but it is better to be safe than sorry, of course.

THE WORLD where I can take action and try to figure out if the “baby is small” or if the baby is just sleeping.

New Updates:
We’re on the subject of skin rejuvenation, let me tell you about my back. Then chestne. Shoulderne. Neckne. yuck this. Currently there is no type of laundry soap or soap that seems to have any side effects.

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