Expected Calendar – Week 14


A few weeks ago, Your Intrepid Gestator was interviewed by The Washington Times for an article on the most recent edition of What to Expect While You Expect. Once thought to be the grandfather of all expectant books, What to Expect … the list has left a little to be desired, how about an unhealthy food section, pages that seem endless for the worst events that can be the ones that don’t go well. -looking like signs, what with the lady in the chair swaying on the cover?

You can read this article here (I suggest you break the agreement on page 2). It’s really interesting, because the author is well aware of these contradictions, and wants to edit more fresh. Even the cover changed! They start wearing JEANS! And Stand Up! Send your mom back to basics – pregnant women are experiencing all kinds of fun.

Oh, baby. What to expect … was the first pregnancy book I ever bought – when we agreed to take birth control pills but before we got pregnant. When I graduated (FIN.UH.LEE.) I got pregnant, however, I went back to the library to look for another way, because my nerves were no longer able. And this was not the problem with the book – in the quest for a definite, complete pregnancy guide, What to Expect … it just made sense. He could not talk about X and Y without talking about Z, but unfortunately for all of us, Z was a 1-in-32893803495702454 case of a sudden outbreak of the Ebola virus in a healthy womb, or something.

In fact, it was Google, and one thousand unidentified researchers “miraculously 6 weeks pregnant with abnormal omg,” were all published and read by head to help.

Here, the book is at the top of the Business section for more details on everything we have written. The more love, the more hatred. Lots of claims about being “old” and “one big wrong trip.”

And really, the internet seems to be the driving force behind the book. Women are turning to other women. WE DON’T want to know everything that might go wrong, even if we think we do. We want to be told that everything is fine, that X, Y and Z are ALL OK and safe, and to laugh at how sad we were one day when our baby woke up at 2pm on the 132th night in a row. We want reassurance that you do not have to be pregnant to have a healthy baby, because no one is perfect.

And so Expectations… books are starting to reconnect with what made them famous, from the moment: they were written by MAMA and not a doctor. There are no good stomach foods, no side effects that hide behind any Oreos bag. Sounds like the book has been completely redesigned to reflect the modern world, which does not end with your hit on a rocking chair for nine months.

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