Expected Calendar – Week 13


I don’t feel like I alone have much to say this week. I flew from xxx to yyy for a few days, where I sat for the first day and told anyone who could listen about LIFE I COULD FEEL GOOD, Oh, I DIDN’T FEEL FOR DAYS AND FEEL HOW MY STRENGTH WAS BACK. Then I went back to my hotel room after dinner and started eating everything I had eaten that day. Then I fell asleep and slept for 12 hours straight.

Air travel is safe for most pregnant women, really, but you should always tell your doctor about any trips if they think there is a risk to you. Try to ask for a side seat, so you can easily get into the water and walk slowly up and down the aisles. Pregnant women are at risk for deep vein thrombosis, especially on long distances. So do not cross your legs when you sit down and get up to walk once an hour. Believe me, the movie probably sucks and you’ve seen 30 Rock episodes like twelve times.

When I got home, Jason could not continue the size of my stomach, which seemed to be a little better after I left. My size can be criticized for the explosion (and I’m CHANGING that my McDonald’s airport meal had nothing to do with it), but I already show it, more than I did last time. With the exception of just one pair of low-rise jeans, I have a flat waist and I feel like I have a nose. I also say that I see this kind of belly “spreading” – my upper arms and face look fuller, as do my thighs.

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