Expected Calendar – Week 1


the parable of the woman in the red robe drinking the expectant vitamins in blue

Because of the madness in Pregnancy Math, by the time you get pregnant, you are pregnant for two full weeks. So omo thank you! Only 38 weeks left. You are doing OK!

While some of us are emotional the opportunity to know the date of our child’s birth up to the minute, it is often difficult to know for sure. Are you out early or late? Was that time in the chair or that night you all fell asleep? In a few weeks the ultrasound will be able to give you a good idea of ​​your baby’s age, but it won’t change the calculation. The paramedics often shrug their shoulders and say, “Even though, when did your last period start? Well, then… It was the First Pregnancy Day. Don’t argue.”

You can be in the studio, measuring your temperature, just looking at the ovulation predictor rods, and looking at the mucus. You may be holding your partner’s hand during the transfer of the embryo to the fertile hospital. You could be pregnant, or do the old-fashioned thing: unprotected sex with a young kid named Marco. (Or unprotected sex with your partner or partner, who I think might also be referred to as Marco.)

No matter which way you go, let me tell you this: good things are coming.

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