Employee Harm Reduction Hacks For Workers


Want to keep the harvest and the spirit of the workers good during the holidays? Are you looking for ways to reduce stress? You can start without overtime with urgent projects or deadlines.

Providing flexibility in the hours and days that employees must work on vacation can help reduce stress. Remember that one in six working adults is also a senior caregiver; As a result, the closure of schools / day care and caregivers who are on vacation should cause some planning difficulties during this time.

In addition, consider allowing employees to communicate over the phone during certain days on vacation to save time on the way to and from work. This saved time is available for employees to enjoy their holiday activities and events.

You could also consider making floating holidays so that employees can respect their religious traditions and customs and pay time. Think of Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, etc.; many organizations only offer paid Christmas and New Year holidays.

Encourage yourself with the amazing bonuses available or other gifts that reduce holiday stress such as gift cards at the grocery store, gift delivery cards, or child care. UrbanSitter’s Corporate Care Benefit.

Strategies to help employees manage, manage and resolve holiday concerns are timeless — and are always appreciated.

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