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Sage Owl has come up with a great (and safe) way to clean your grill. They offer a variety Grate Grill Scrapers designed to help reduce the risk of personal injury by swallowing wire rods that have fallen from wire brushes. It eliminates the risk because you will not want to re-use the wire brushes after trying Grill Scrapers from the Sage Owl.

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There are two types of Grate Grill Scrapers to choose from: standard and international. Each type comes with the choice of stainless steel or copper. You make that choice based on the type of grill you have.

The Standard Grill Grate Scrapers are used to make grill in the backyard or even indoor burners. It has three grooves for cleaning round glasses and a starting point for cleaning glass shaped like v.

The Universal Grill Grate Scrapers has 13 grooves of various sizes and shapes to clean a wide variety of grills. This is the best type to take with you if you love camping areas or parks and are planning to use the grills provided for a variety of reasons. There is also a bottle opener and griddle cleaner that makes this color very flexible.

So, when should you use stainless steel and when should you use copper? Well, Stainless Steel works best on coated chrome, stainless steel and steel grills. You should also use it on an old, rusty grill. Stainless steel is stronger than copper, aluminum and wood, so it will last longer. Brass works best on a grill with Teflon and Porcelain. It will not scratch the surface like stainless steel because copper is soft.

If you do not know what kind of grill you have, follow this rule: if the grill cabinet is black, use copper; if the grill grate is gray, silver or coated with rust, use stainless steel. The only exception to this rule is if your black grill cabinet is made of molten metal, then you should use stainless steel. If your grill cabinet has a rough finish, it is usually made of metal because most other types are smooth.

Sage Owl also provides a handle that you can use with all types of grill scrapers to give you more access to clean roasted food, as well as to keep your hands warm. You can buy scrapers and special handles, or pre-assembled and secured with wings, lock washers and Loctite. The handle is made of solid, anodized aluminum, so it is stronger than a wooden handle. Allows you to use Grate Grill Scraper to clean your grill while it is still hot, or even to clean the area while you are cooking – without worrying that it may damage your food.

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