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I enjoy interviewing professionals and business owners and sharing with you. These questions come to you to inspire you to do your own thing, and to inform you of the best or the job you would like to try for yourself! Today I am sharing a discussion with the owners a My Classroom PARTY.

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Tell us about yourself and My Classroom PARTY.

Shelley: My husband and I have two children, a 13-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. I love, I love the part we are in this life with our kids and I can’t sell anything. When we are busy with sports, we like to be active and go out and have fun together as a family. We love the slopes, camping, and going on vacation together, I feel like there is no hard time in my house. It’s even harder to find time for everyday things like cooking food and cleaning the house, I’m sure some of you would say! I always look for ways to make this part of my life easier.

Christa Adamchak: I live in Colorado, with my husband and 4 boys aged 9, 12, 13 & 14. They are very old but our children are very different. Our oldest love computers, software, and design and they are more home-based books than younger ones. Our third and fourth children take part in football, soccer, and the flag. He helps us run and is rarely at home. He is busy with our big family but busy! I’ve just learned to share some of the things we need to achieve.

Our company, My Classroom PARTY, Collectes Party Equipment For Celebrations. Our accessories come with everything you need for a fun party. All games, art, events, snacks, and decorations are included and shipped directly to your home. Details of the party are being prepared and clear instructions are included. We created MyClassroomPARTY to live a simple life. We know that you parents and teachers have a ton in your brother, and we want to help.

What inspired you to start a business selling arms to a party?

With all of our children in elementary school at the same time, we spent a lot of time volunteering in our children’s classes at various parties or feeling like we had no time. Over the years we have seen a number of challenges with public parties. First of all, there were years when no one signed up to be the parent of the rooms and set up parties. In small classes, everyone wants to help, but as soon as the children reach grade 3, the interest in living room diminishes. The same women are consulted by teachers each year to help with parties. We can only imagine, if there were an easy way to make the party, which involved less work, there would be more parents who would like to do so.

When we fail to plan a party, it always seems like it takes a lot of our time. We spend many hours on Pinterest trying to find fun games and new adventures. We had to send a list of entries for some parents to bring to the party. Finally, we need to run to different stores to pick up supplies and have time to do everything to bring them to class. Often on the day of the party, we find that the parents do not bring the items they signed because they forgot. Then we go around wondering how to make it without forgetting things.

The two of us can find ourselves helping in the same class together and start discussing how it should be an easy way out. We talked about how we would like it to be if there were party tools we could buy online and save ourselves for a while and a headache. Since we didn’t find anything like this, we decided to make our own designs.

My Classroom PARTY party like a hard-working mother

What is a parent’s room and what are the expectations of the person in charge?

A parent is a parent who comes from a classroom who is committed to helping teachers in various ways. They organize activities such as holiday parties in the classroom, collect money from parents to organize holiday gifts for teachers, and raise money for the school. Sometimes she writes and mentions volunteers to support the classroom and other classroom activities.

Why do you celebrate class parties?

Our kids LOVE class parties! He looks forward to the whole year at holiday parties. It’s a special day celebrated with fun games, events, and art. They are able to connect with their classmates and even their parents stand up for them on this new day. We can clearly remember our joy on the day of the feast when we were children!

We have made it easy for parents to just show up and enjoy the class for a reason MyClassroomPARTY has produced all the work for organizing parties.

Do your party tools also work in our unique era?

Yes, absolutely. MyClassroomPARTY Party Tools are a great addition to the unexpected Covid concept. All activities can be done with a mask and although parents in the room are not allowed in the classroom, children can have a fun party.

Give us examples of your parties and equipment.

We offer Party Equipment at all major holiday parties. We have one for Halloween, Christmas, and a Winter Party Kit, Valentine’s Day, and one to celebrate the end of school. For each holiday we have K-2 class equipment and one for 3 to 6. This is to ensure that there are activities tailored to the level of each class that buys equipment. There is also the opportunity to purchase any equipment without or without snacks because some schools do not allow outdoor food.

Below you will find a free video of the contents of each bag.

You can find more information on each of these tools on our website: My Classroom PARTY

How does your biz contribute to the work of many busy women and women?

We encourage active and active mothers to take an active part in their child’s classroom even when they are few at a time. Working mothers can be confident that they will enroll to oversee the class, knowing that it will not take long to prepare for what they do not have. All he has to do is appear on the day of the party for an hour and bring the Party he ordered from us.

What are your favorite activities for doing business?

We love helping other women. The feedback and thanks we have received from our customers has been very positive and has made all this hard work worthwhile.

The freedom to spend our time has also become a great way to do business. We work long hours, but we are able to squeeze in some of the work for our families. We spend long hours working in the car waiting to pick up our children from things or squeezing the hours of bedtime or before waking up.

What challenges did you face in starting your own business?

I feel like the biggest challenge we faced in the beginning was to help others understand what we were doing. Because it has an idea and something new, sometimes it is necessary for people to understand. I feel so easy even though so many people hear about us.

I understand that retaliation is important to you and that you, can you tell us a little bit about what you are doing to help other schools?

Yes, we would! This is the part where I think we are the happiest! We charge $ 5 for every party party sold worldwide and use it to provide party supplies in low-income schools. We were saddened to find that many Title I schools do not participate in holiday classes in the classroom because parents cannot afford them. When they have parties, the teachers have to give them and do all the work to prepare.

We already have a school that we are working with to host parties this fall and we hope the program will definitely start. We want to support more schools, and thousands of children enjoy a class party that often does not get the chance.

have a party in class like crazy crazy women

Any advice you want to give your fellow women?

The best advice we can give to other women is don’t be afraid to share! We all have more on our plates. Between raising children, taking them to work, organizing our busy schedule and life, life can seem boring. When there is an opportunity to share something, do it! We are very grateful for the way our families and friends have continued to help us as we have found this business on the ground. From our parents, friends, and even the men who are helping us to care for and lock up the children for children who are moving to become independent, any other help we can get can help us in the world. The same thing applies with school parties. Obviously, you can prepare yourself, but why not set aside time for the most important things in life?

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