Best Save the Day for Four- and Five-Year-Olds


I knew that going to school would be exhausting for Luisa but I was not ready for justice Why shedding would be. We went through the same thing the first time we breastfed too but since she was so young I found it during the day to be easy to monitor – she is usually sleepy and content. This time around Lu he knows tired but still wanting to do things. We have three weeks now and I think I have found my travels and here are my top tips for entertaining slowly your afternoon YO 3-5.

Get started

Maybe this is Lu but I find that spending half a day at school is less than how much energy he earns. When possible we go to the park on our way to school, even for 15 minutes. When we can’t disruption be sure to try to make sure they have a scoot around afterwards or we will do yoga poses.


The most ‘critical’ afternoon time for us is probably between 4 and 6pm. By now Lu had enough of so many days I tried to dance around to impress him. Making a meal together keeps him busy, gives him something to be proud of and increases his chances of eating. Winwinwin.

Remember that ‘making dinner’ should not be a distraction or a distraction! Some days I allow Luisa to cling to her security knives but sometimes she is content to sit at the counter and chat or stand up in her chair and do other things.

If you have a younger child this can be very tricky, you can try putting a little on the board or save yourself from the game and put in a little bit of cooking money! My friend Katy has so many goodies family-friendly recipes.

Tuff Tray Time

These ‘Five Minute Tuff Spots’ from my friend Julie it’s good because it’s easy to set up but it can teach your kids for a long time. I think playing sports can be fun and I have found that when Luisa is tired she likes what I describe as the ‘zone in’ of these things. The only way I can describe it is to look like a zombie in front of the TV unless they are busy! If you do not have a tuff tray it all works on a large paper, cloth, tray or plastic box.

Julie has more a lot of ideas are playing out on her blog – she’s a mother of two and a teacher so she knows what she’s doing.

When in doubt – take it down

Have a picnic, make a good cage, bring your favorite toys, books or weapons. Pay bonus if you bring popcorn.

Check Tock

Some days the best thing I do for Lu is bring dinner and bedtime. You will know for yourself when this is what your child needs. When Matt is also working on changing our schedule it means I missed him so I try to be unique by having my favorite food with different colors, old glasses or a beautiful tablecloth and much more. If I shoot at bedtime announce a shower time around 5pm. Lu loves to bathe and it is a great way to combine spices with good spices – once you have a big part!

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