Berlin Family Book: A Fun Experiment for Kids!


Berlin is a cultural center in Germany, home to amazing creative art, history, and charm. It is often referred to as the “ center of cooling ”, then a destination where there is plenty of fun that is great to enjoy as a family, share experiences, and create memories together.

Travel guide to Berlin

  • Before you leave for Berlin, it is very helpful to have a connection with the basics. Knowing a little German to move on goes a long way, especially with kids. Even before you leave, you can use language programs like Babbel to cover the file German origins, and then use the app as much as you can during your travels.
  • Save a site online to download and skip lines on a large page.
  • The history of Berlin is rich, and WWII memorials and donations to victims of Nazi persecution are in place. Think about how you want to discuss this with your children and how you want to incorporate educational experiences here during your time in Berlin.
  • Use the free parks scattered throughout the city. It’s a great place to hang out, hang out with family, meet local people, and have fun outside.
  • Look out for kindercafés, which are family restaurants. It has a children’s reading area that can make food fun for everyone.

We are in Berlin, Here are some fun activities for kids to try:

Legoland Discovery Location

If your children love Legos, visiting the Legoland Discovery Center is a must! It has rides, dialogues, 4D cinema and much more.

Address: Potsdamer Strasse 4, 10785 Berlin, Germany

German Museum of Technology

German Technology Newspaper (German Museum of Technology in Berlin) it has the most comprehensive exhibition that you and your children can explore. Learn more about German aviation history, film technology and see ships, cars, cameras, airplanes, ships and more.

Address: Trebbiner Str. 9, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Zoological Field in Berlin

The Berlin Zoo is the oldest zoo in Germany, which was opened in 1844 and is located in Berlin Zoo. It is home to hippos, northern bears, monkeys, monkeys, monkeys and much more. There is a playground, a nearby aquarium, and a nearby shopping center if you want to spend your time at the zoo.

Address: Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin, Germany

East Side Photos

The East Side Gallery is a unique example of how the great history of its destinations affects the story of the city. Another part of the Berlin Wall, which has an ancient meaning, has been transformed into what is now known as the East Side Gallery with more than 100 street artists. It’s a great page to find out, with political and political comments, and a must see when you’re in Berlin.

Address: Mühlenstrasse 3-100, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Offensive Stones

Disillusionment Stones is one of the ways in which Berlin remembering the victims of the Nazis. Produced by the master Gunter Demnig, the names and futures of those involved were inscribed on copper plates in Europe and Russia. To date, more than 70,000 monuments have been erected in more than 1,200 cities and towns.

MACHmit! Museum

MACHmit! A museum is a museum designed for children to be children! It is a creative and educational venue with exhibitions, playgrounds and children’s discussions. It is inside a renovated church that is now a good place for children to run, do art, visit a glass hall and much more. Many encourage children over the age of five, to ensure that your children can use the sites and experiences.

Address: The winner. 5, 10437 Berlin Germany

Have you ever been to Berlin with your family? If so, did you have a good time? Is there anything else you would like to add to this list?

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