Baby Heat: What You Should Know About Baby Heat and 4 Other Ways to Treat It


It is not uncommon for parents to be disturbed by the onset of tumors in their child’s body because they may appear very red and appear abruptly. Acne can be found in areas where the baby sweats profusely, such as on the forehead, forehead, neck, and so on. Often, the rash comes with red and itchy skin because the sweat glands and the skin around the pores become irritated.

Acne, which some people call Prickly heat, is a serious condition that should not cause your child to become ill, except in some cases which can be a very serious bacterial infection. Heat can be treated at home and in a few days, it should be gone.

How to Deal With Fever

1. Wear Light Dresses

It is important to dress your baby in bright, loose clothing that breathes. Tight, warm, and warm clothing creates warmth, but garments made from natural fibers such as hemp and cotton are a better alternative.

2. Do not apply lotion

Before applying ointment or ointment to the affected area of ​​your baby’s body, it is best to consult your doctor. You may be tempted to apply a moisturizer to your baby’s skin, but do not do so without proper prescriptions.

3. Avoid Heat

As we all know, the main cause of heat and humidity is humidity. So keep your child in a well-ventilated room with a fan or air conditioner.

4. Take the Dead

Warm baths are appropriate for your baby; should be as loose as possible. You can skip using soap to keep pores closed. Do not use a towel, it is better to dry the air; this is to prevent friction between the towel and your baby’s skin.

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