Are You Ready to Feed Your Baby At Night?


Are you ready to do Night Wean?

Choosing a Night Wean for any age can be fun for both mother and baby

A loving / hateful relationship with getting up at 3am to breastfeed or bottle-feeding is something that all women can relate to. Dragging our tired bodies to the nursery, wanting more sleep, but the feeling of a warm baby wrapped in your arms, there is something disturbing!

There is no right or wrong way to stop breastfeeding at night, and there is no good age to stop breastfeeding at night. We know that babies under 6 months of age need dinner, so we do not recommend breastfeeding at night before 6 months.

But after 6 months it can be very clear if your baby is ready to breastfeed at night, and if you as a parent are ready! As with all things related to family planning, there is no reason to start a journey of change if you are not prepared for the change, as this leads to uncoordinated encouragement, which we try to avoid in all family planning situations.

  • Your baby is over 6 months old
  • Your baby is growing in weight and size
  • Your baby has 4-6 breasts or breast milk a day (7 am-7pm)
  • Your child is NOT hungry or interested in his or her first meal of the day
  • Your baby is getting stronger and eating 1-2 times a day
  • Your baby has started eating protein (meat)
  • Your baby can sleep on its own, and start sleeping again

This list is not recommended, but it is a guide for you if you are considering stopping breastfeeding at night. Some babies just start sleeping through the night and naturally at night sucking, this is another good sign.

All babies are different and your baby can achieve this in 6.5 months, but your best friends have a baby up to 9 months, or 12 months for someone else.

Sometimes we need to try to stay calm and reassured when we work to stop breastfeeding at night because parents cannot settle down without feeding. This is where a sleep counselor can be most beneficial.

Try not to compare your child with anyone else, and just look at the list and think of your child as an individual.

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