8 Tips for Providing Good Medium Foot Massage


The abdomen is sometimes heavy and you just need to massage to reduce the stress on your feet. There is nothing more comforting than rubbing our feet during pregnancy. However, it is important to do this properly and start consulting with your doctor. It is also a good idea to get a well-trained professional to massage your feet, however, if it is your home massage, then you should follow the necessary massage instructions.

Massage for the feet is undoubtedly beneficial for the pregnant woman. From reducing stress, frustration and stress, lowering the amount of cortisol, which is a stress hormone in your body, to reducing function as research has proven that aborted women work less than 3 hours and require less medication compared to and those who have not been discharged during pregnancy, enabling them to live in peace and tranquility, improve blood and oxygen flow, restore mental health, improve stability and restore mental health. In addition, the benefits of massages during pregnancy are also extended during childbirth because they reduce postpartum depression and help to give birth to a healthy baby.

There are foot areas that should be avoided when massaging pregnant women and include; Reflexology areas that are directly connected to the ovaries and uterus, which are inside and outside of the uterus all in the hollow areas; SP6 Acupressure Point (inner area of ​​the ankles), Urinary Bladder 60 (behind the armpit bone outside, between the Achilles tendon and the big toe), and Urinary Bladder 67 (located at the corner of the baby’s finger, near the claw).

There are also dangers associated with foot massage such as; Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pitting Edema. That is why it is important to get your foot massage from a massage therapist or reflexologist with adequate training in this regard, as well as with the opinion of a physician.

See these tried-and-tested guidelines for perfect massage during pregnancy;

Apply Oil or Lotion to Avoid Controversy

When doing massage during pregnancy, it is important to use extra oil or ointment on your feet to avoid friction which can lead to pain, discomfort and worsening. When applying ointment or lotion, wipe the feet gently to give the pregnant woman a comforting feeling.

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Release the Knee

When giving a foot massage, you should loosen the knee slowly from side to side to strengthen and give you flexibility.

Rub the Top with a Foot Ball

Then you continue to hold the foot with both hands and rub the top of the foot with strong climbing rods. Next, gently rub the ball of each foot, which is the part between the toes and tips, under the heads of the metatarsal bones.

Slightly Slip Your Feet

Abdominal toes sometimes swell, so it is important to massage them gently as a treatment.

Squeeze heels

Heel and popularity at the end of the foot. Heel pain can occur during pregnancy, so it is important to massage the heel and squeeze it gently.

Apply to the Foot

Squeeze the bottom of each foot with a little massage. This helps the pregnant woman to breathe and reduce pain. It also regulates the nervous system, increasing sensitivity to neurotransmitters such as endorphins.

Emphasize the Physical Factor Forth

Gently rub each finger together to reduce swelling and pain.

Emphasize Under Compassion

Press under the knee by rubbing back and forth with both hands.

There are several types of foot massage that can be given during pregnancy;

  • Massage from a Massage Therapist or Reflexologist: This is an excellent choice for massage for pregnant women. It is important that you get a foot massage from a qualified massage therapist or reflexologist with adequate knowledge and experience.
  • Home Massage: This can be done by a friend or an adult with massaging skills. It is important for the person to follow the aforementioned massage instructions during pregnancy in order to function properly.

Pregnancy can be exhausting and confusing, however, the experience can also be refreshing and a good massage, depending on the doctor’s opinion.

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